21 August 2008

Keane's New Thing

Keane sat in the seat part of a shopping cart, yesterday. These things are big deals in our world. I told John when he got home, and I would have taken a picture but I didn't have my phone. I'd like to know where that thing is, actually.

Today we practiced putting the Gerber baby product, "Graduates" in our mouth. Didn't work out so well. I have a theory that he might be left handed. We'll see.


Amanda said...

He's a keeper! man he's cute! He is gonna be a lady killer!

party of eight said...

i think he seems preoccupied with the camera! i started giving those to amos about 6 weeks ago, and now he eats them like a pro... he will catch on quick, and then he will be putting EVERYTHING in his mouth...

that is funny, amos is riding in the shopping cart now too. he gets the biggest kick out of it!

can you email me your mailing address?