14 August 2008

Keane made a Funny

7 months old! John and I are reflecting more and more on how much Keane has grown. He doesn't seem like our little baby boy any more, he seems like a kid. That could be the result of him wearing 12 month's clothes and weighing 20 pounds, nonetheless, he is getting so big!

The Dr. came in the other day for Keane's appointment and puffed out his cheeks as soon as he saw him. I was nervous 'cause Germans don't like excessive weight. He asked me what I was feeding him. (Does it ever happen to you, that someone will ask you an obvious question and your mind just goes blank. "....Uh, whatever I make him." That's what I said!!!!! How dumb is that???) Anyway, I failed to mention that he had been eating from a spoon since he was four months old, but I did say that he was eating well. The Dr. said, "I can see that."

He is sitting up, taking bottles out of his mouth, and putting them back in. He doesn't like to be in the same place very long. He gets restless and wants to see new things. So, pretty soon my little baby is going to be running around. I'm sure this feeling just gets worse.

Tonight John told me that he was doing our regular nightly routine. First we put on his pj's, then we give him his last bottle for the evening, sing to him "Jesus loves Me", put the binky in, and kiss him good night.

John was happily singing to Keane and Keane looked up at him as if to say "Dad, you're missing something", grabbed his binky and stuck it in his own mouth with both hands. Hilarious. Wish I could have seen it.

Holding his "Bun Bun".

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