10 August 2008

Joe's Garage Worker

Hey! I have a new Facebook page, look me up. Sara Elizabeth Varghese. I like it for different reasons than blogger. It's more fast paced, but you can't really do reflective stuff or journal type entries. Blogger is less "in your face", it's like people are reflecting with you and working on one topic at a time. One day I was chatting with two people at the same time on Facebook, without telling them I was doing it, that was crazy.

Anywho..... Keane is sitting, and sitting in a high chair to eat. He falls pretty fast when he is sitting. The other day I put him on the floor, thinking that when he did tumble, it would be more of a rolling tumble, not a splat! I sat him down, went to get something and turned around to see him smack his head. He cried! I apologized and cried. He is fine now.


Kara said...

Keane in that outfit is adorable! I've always been a big fan of Grease.

Suey said...

Hey Sara~

You have a smudge. Or at least your camera lense did at one point. Maybe you already cleaned it since you snapped these photos. He is adorable as ever. Now he just needs a wrench and screwdriver. Or maybe not. ; )

Wild Ghese said...

I cleaned it. Hey, I sent in those videos to America's Funniest Home Videos, but I don't want to sign the waiver. :(