16 August 2008

Balloon Fest

What fun we had today. Last Saturday and this Saturday we've made it a point to go out as a family. John kind of brought it up last week, so we went mini golfing. This week we went to Session (a music store). I played a lot of different guitars and convinced my husband that I want to take up the mandolin. Looking forward to it, if it ever happens. We also went to Ladenburg. I'm getting there.

First things first. I made cinnamon rolls and sour dough french bread, yeah! I've had the stuff to make a starter, FOREVER. Finally, I got I around to it. The sour dough bread doesn't taste very sour, though. :( Whatever. If any of you have any tips, that would be great.

We went to Ladenburg to see if we could have a nice picnic and take a family picture. Turns out there was a balloon fest going on, which really isn't a surprise, because Germans will find a way to celebrate everything.

Good thing we found a post to put our camera on. We forgot to bring a bucket.

Daddy and Keane. Thanks Grandma for the 1/2 birthday outfit!

Who really wants to see pictures of John and I, anyway?

Thanks for asking, but I prefer to keep my feet on the ground.


Kelly Glupker said...

Keane is so cute! Very nice family picture.

Wild Ghese said...

I wish he was looking at the camera. :) what can you do?

Scotty and Lisa said...

What a cutie! Hot air balloons are the theme for our nursery... YOu guys look great!

MajorScoop said...

Great picture of you three!

Amanda said...


Teresa said...

I love how you capture things and people in the camera!
Well Sara, I believe we must have been in Ladenburg the same day, but we were at the Labrynth-corn maize.
Or would that be the maize maze? We stood in the middle of the maze on a platform when we saw those balloons going up. Wow! how cool was that- that you were there.
Teresa S, in Nu├čloch