21 July 2008

Toothless Grins

Here is Keane and I laughing our heads off.

BTW- I'm telling the cat to get away from Keane's feet. She is in heat and it's a bit annoying.


Amanda said...

We all need a good laugh now and again. Now if I can just figure out how to make it my ring tone. Yumm yummy yummy! :)

Amanda said...

OH and I have no simpathy regarding the cat. They can be just as much work and expense as kids! Sometimes more. My lucy (pug dog) had 300. dollars worth of gas one time!!! No kidding!!!

G. A. Dietrich said...

Hey Sara! I know, it's been forever. I don't have a good e-mail address for you so I thought I would tell you through here...I am engaged! Ya, seriously! I'll get a blog post up about it all soon but the Lord has shown himself to be kind to us.

Keep your updates coming! I read every single one of them!

party of eight said...

oh my sara, he is ADORABLE... i LOVE his laugh. i love that kid. i can see a lot of you in him.

how are you doing? love you and miss you,


Wild Ghese said...

Oh my goodness D-Train!!!!!!!!!!!!! double goodness. 1- I thought you hated me, and 2- CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
It's worth the wait isn't it?
She seems like a sweetheart and you deserve one.