17 July 2008

Not so Good Day

Have you ever read Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, no good, very bad Day?

Well, I can't say it's been that bad, but this week has been off, all because of one late night (to see JJ). That'll teach me.

Here you go, for starters....

*Keane got a shot on his 1/2 birthday- first time he cried for one of those.
*We have a new cat that is in heat- she does not stop meowing morning and night
*Keane has had low grade fevers- not so chipper
*I'm having a hard time walking in the mornings- bad circulation
*I have just acquired a nice cyst, sore, thingy on the top of my gums- feels nice
*lastly, I have an awful pain by my rib cage from picking Keane up on my left side- makes me want to leave my arms down permanently

Between the cat and my son crying at me, I'd like to hide in a cave and not come out until fall. Then I think of all Janelle goes through, and I have it pretty easy.

When I considered posting on this blog, I ran over my toe with the chair. Arrrgh!

Pretty soon, Keane will be over the after effects of the vaccine, the cat will no longer be in heat and I'll be working toward letting her outside (cat box and all), I will build up muscle on the other side of my rib cage, duh, I'll figure out that drinking more water improves circulation, and this cyst thingy will eventually burst (hurt more) then go away. By God's Grace.

Can't get enough of this jumping bean.


Kara said...

Do you have a reliable dentist over there if you have to go? Maybe it's nothing serious, like a piece of popcorn wedged in or something. Hopefully it's not an abscess.

Katie said...

I know that Alexander story very well. It's cute!

Your bad days are legit too - even though you don't have 6 kids 5 and under. :) I feel the same way sometimes. Hope your weekend is fabulous!

party of eight said...

i absolutely LOVE your jumping bean! gave me the giggles.

oh sara i miss you. i wish we could put our sons together in the johnny jumpups and they could dance for us and make us laugh... and we could drink LOTS of coffee together.

i hope your day gets better. love you!

Wild Ghese said...

so wish I could sit with some coffee and a good friend and watch our kids bounce.

Amanda said...

I hate it when I run over my toe!!! Have you read janelles blog. I think everyone at her house is puking!!! Can YOU IMAGINE!!!

Wild Ghese said...

What makes those days all worth it, is his toothless grin. Just one. Would you agree?

though I'm not jealous of the puking in rapid fire, I'm am a little bit jealous of all those smiles she gets, for quadruple the effort (I don't know the multiple of five). :)

Amanda said...

Quadruple sounds good :)

Yes she does get a lot of lovin' Yeah those toothless grins oh, Don't tell anyone but casey and I are crazy enough to try for a 3rd one. Weeee!!!!