14 July 2008

Jack Johnson Loreley, Germany

Okay, so, this was quite a concert. I recommend going to one, if you get the opportunity. They are fairly cheap compared to the average, though the content is not cheap. John and I went to see Jack play along with our friend from Grace, Margot. Side trail- she is from South Africa and is quite the concert goer.

John almost ruined it for me. On the way up he mentioned that if we were doing what we should be doing as disciples, we would not have time for such excursions. Which is true, but still fun and a nice break. Of all the other time wasters in our life, I think I can chalk this up as one of the best.

Here he is coming out on the stage. I thought for awhile that he was wandering around taking pictures on the DL, but I wasn't too far off, it was his brother. I knew he looked like him.

Jack is most of what you would imagine him to be, extremely laid back, not a lot of pretense, which is not something I can recommend of the ya hoo band before him. Though G-Love (yes, G-homey-Love) did play a mean harmonica.

Best picture for last. I used my cell phone camera. Arhhgggg! I didn't bring the real thing because I thought that they would confiscate it at the door. They did take the glasses that I brought. We were going to have a nice picnic, but in hindsight, what was I thinking???? With the amount of jumping around that we did, those glasses surely would have been smashed and if we didn't step on the remains, some other sue happy person would have.

Happy 1/2 Birthday my beloved son!

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