28 July 2008

GG Outing


Cordula and Keane
Grill Master

It was a pretty good turn out. We enjoyed our time. John spent two hours grilling, which, hopefully next time, will be avoided. Keane was cranky because he was constipated. Poor guy. Cordula (the professional) is always the one I call on. It doesn't bother me that she is sometimes better with Keane than I am. She is so patient and loving. Keane flirts with her.

At around 3:00 the clouds rolled in, there was a loud thundering and the whole lakeside hosted a mass exodus. Umbrellas, coolers, kids, food, towels seemingly rolled up as one and scooted to the parking lots. It was like an announcement to leave the premises was made. Good thing we followed the crowd 'cause we were rained on hard, you couldn't see out of the the car window. I kept saying, "stop John, pull over, John". He didn't. We made it home and the sky cleared up.

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party of eight said...

what a fun little swing for keane. cookout sounds so yummy. sorry john had to bbq so long! bummer.

how are you doing?

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