16 June 2008

Keane is 5 months old!!!

So Keane is 5 months old. I'm happy to say. I never did say this before. The flight back from CA was awesome!!!!!!!!!! He slept the whole way. I had to wake him up to feed and change him before we landed. I was so glad that he was able to do it drug free. I guess it was because it was bed time anyway. It certainly was not because the bassinet was comfy. They were ghetto! Feed them ascending and descending and you'll take care of the ear problem.

Yesterday we had a nice Father's Day. We all made it to church. Hurray! Our church is combining with an African American church and it's exciting. I love to see a whole new crowd of really well dressed believers. Their Pastor is leaving, so that is the reason for the unification. You never hear of combining, you only hear of splitting. Exciting times.

John and I have officially taken over a house group. So every Wednesday about 15 people come over for Grace Group. John is excited to see how God will use him. We are still praying about seminary and auditing classes.

Keane is getting to be a chunk. He is eating a whole lot. I'm trying to slow him down. Does anybody have any ideas on this? He is heavy boned, big and tall. He is eating rice and something (carrots, bananas, now I'll try sweet potatoes) and then he gets 8 oz of formula in between meals, between lunch and dinner 16! I feel like he has a hollow leg or something. I've added tea (baby tea) to his diet, to try to take away some of the "hunger". Today it worked, but he laid down with the bottle, which I'm told, you're not suppose to do. You'll rot their teeth. Good thing he doesn't have any teeth yet.

Keane concert (below)


Katie said...

WOW! 5 months already?! I know, Simon is already 6.5! I don't know if I've heard that a baby can eat too much - when they're that little. I wouldn't worry about it, but that's me. Simon drinks a little over 30 oz. of formula a day. He's almost 18 pounds, but is now in the 50 percentile instead of in the 90s like he used to be. He's a chunk too! I've never heard of baby tea either! Where did you get it? Keane is such a cutie! I'm glad he did well for you on the ride home too. :)

Wild Ghese said...

well, this is very German tea. I never would have thought of giving my kid tea before I moved here. That's how they are here. Down stairs they give their little guy water (when not even a month old). When I went back home everything I bought for Keane, I had to get organic. It's contagious. The thing is, it's not expensive, 'cause everybody buys it!
So, this tea is for 4 month olds. It has fennel, thyme, anise, peppermint, "kamille", lemon grass, etc. There are a few other ingredients in German. Those are the ones I can translate. I wouldn't go out, however and put all those teas together and give it to Simon. I think it must be processed for little systems.
I feel like I'm starting a good habit with him, however. I have a terrible time drinking my fluids (the amount I'm suppose to). I want to get started with him. Ask your Dr. and maybe visit a whole foods store.

Katie said...

I think drs. in the US used to recommend giving your baby water. When Luke was a baby, my mother-in-law was always asking me if Luke needed water. I would get done nursing him, and she'd worry that he was "thirsty." Kinda funny! Are you still nursing Keane? I made it all the way with Luke - till about 11 months, but I switched to formula with Si when he was 4 months old. Lots of different factors led me to that, and our lives have been much easier since! It was a hard thing to decide though. Who likes to "quit" anything. I'm learning with Simon that all babies really are different! :)

Mother Superior said...

He is a big boy, and he needs a lot of calories. Fats are especially important for brain development, so things like avacados and olive oil are excellent for that (and breast milk, if you're still nursing??)

Anyways, I would feed him until he is satisfied. So long as you aren't feeding him sweet stuff but are feeding him real food you should be good.

How often are you feeding him? At 5 months he probably still needs meals every 3 hours except at night.

I hope this helps!! Austin was a chunk too - he was 19lbs at 4 months. But he slowed down his growth and is no longer stocky. Now I have Jonathon who's body is completely different, thin and wiry.

Mother Superior said...

I just went back and reread. You might try feeding him solids, followed by the formula. Make it all 'one meal'.

Wild Ghese said...

I am, sadly, not breastfeeding anymore. He weaned himself while I was at home. I guess there are no guarantees, but I will definitely do things differently next time around.
So he basically is stuck with formula.

Jess- your mom mentioned avocados. The problem is that here they are scarce, and if I do find them, they're awful. I tried them when I was home, and he liked them.

Mother Superior said...

Can you get frozen guac? It would be the same nutritionally. If not, whole milk / yogurt are other good fat sources.

Amanda said...

It seems like a lot of people are allergic to avocados. Me included. It seems a little exotic for a small babe. This is interesting though. Andrew had a bottle I wish I would have started him and emma on water. I would have done so many things different. They will only eat what they like it seemed anyway. but other peoples kids drank water and I was shoked. i guess it never daawned on me. Is he hungery or bord. That urge to suckle is powerful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,
Katarina was eating and eating and eating...I was afraid that she didn´t have a natural feeling that sais: "I´m no longer hungry" But it came some day - when she was about 18 month old. ;-)
Well, I live in Germany and I gave my kids either water or tea, but no so called "kids tea". I think it´s good marketing (making parents feel good, doing the best for their kids), it costs more than normal tea. I gave them normal fennel tea. "Kids tea" very often has hidden sugar, you´ve to be really careful. First because of the teeth, second, because the kids get used to a artificial, sweet flavour and demand more.
I also think, if you give Keane good, normal food, it will be the best - like "mother superior" said - no sweet stuff.Have a great time,
P.S. Try organic avocados, I prefer them and can´t find a difference between the american avocados we had when we came to your wedding.

Kara said...

As always Mother Superior has excellent advice.
I never gave any of my kids water in a bottle, that kid of yours is just going to be a big boy and need his food/formula. He looks fantastic, you just feel him out.

Wild Ghese said...

wow! I've read all the comments, but I'm too tired now to reread. I have to change my guitar strings, get ready for worship, get Sunday school stuff together, etc.

Mother Superior's mom, otherwise known as Sue, told me about the avocados while I was in CA (fat for the brain, etc.). The problem with the avocados here is not that they are a different breed or something, it's that they don't grow in this climate, and coming from CA, where they grow, I'm use to being able to buy ripe ones, I can't EVER find ripe ones here.

I've heard if you nuke them for a little while, they'll soften up, so I did tonight, but I feel sort of ghetto. I don't want to do that.

Don't worry guys, I'm feeding my son. :) I do give him some tea, just in case he's just board where before I would just give him another bottle. The idea that the tea might have a little sugar in it doesn't bother me 'cause the formula is sweet here, too. The blandest thing in the world is his rice cereal, but he doesn't know the difference. I'm trying to cook the rest of his food, boiled carrots, peas, etc.

hmmmmm...what else? brain's not working.

party of eight said...

oh wow sara, everything sounds so complicated. - keen looks pretty smart and healthy to me. - i think his singing is great, but his dancing is even better! he and amos would have so much fun together!

love you, janelle