22 June 2008

Homey GG

Gernot, Jacqueline
Margot, David, Barbara, Shannon
John, Rachelle, Sitaboo (Sita)
Not much to tell. So many things on the plate, however. As I mentioned before we started hosting a grace group at our house (Homey GG). The guy above (Scott) and his wife, Rachelle went back to the states, which was a sad state of affairs. So we landed the "job" and we are looking forward to the ministry and I'm looking forward to being able to put Keane to bed at bedtime. As spiritual as that is. John, being more spiritual, has a blog. He is posting the discussions that take place.

I also have this goal that has not transpired yet. I think it was Katie that posted some goals for the summer, so I'm gonna try to come up with a few myself. "Don't aim at anything and you're bound to miss."

1) Develop my seasonal menus (lots of cookbook reading)
2) more bike riding
3) swimming with Keane
4) more camping (we need to purchase our tent)
5) getting to know the house group members on a weekly basis and using extra "outings"
6) Memorizing James
7) finish a children's book I'm working on
8)faithfulness in prayer and reading

Hmmmm....I better get going. It's so easy to be unmotivated when Keane interrupts. I easily want to give up, but Keane is not going away (thank goodness), so I have to adjust.

Here's a nice summer recipe. I went to this Tea Garden place with my Mom and my Aunt. I had this cold honeydew tea, I'm really telling you, it was awesome, but that's not the recipe. I have one for a chicken bowl of sorts.

Tea Garden Chicken Bowl

Chicken Breast (thawed)
green onion
frozen peas
teriaki sauce
soy sauce
sesame oil
garlic cloves
orange juice


teriyaki sauce (??? how much??? how much dressing do you need???)
sesame oil (about the same amount as above, you'll have to eyeball it.)
2 cloves of garlic (minced)
pinch of green onion
salt and pepper to taste
dash of orange juice
a little water

Mix either a little olive oil or sesame oil with thick teriyaki sauce and brush on both sides of the chicken breast, then grill them. The crispy little burnt parts are good. Just keep putting the sauce on. Also, for something a little extra, grill a few green onions and the tomatoes.

Inside the house ;) boil your rice with a little soy sauce and some frozen peas. All done with the hot stuff??

Find yourself some deep oriental bowels. You can forgo the chop sticks. On one side of the bowl (not that it's really divided) stack your cut up lettuce. In the empty spot put some rice. Pile on some sliced grilled chicken, add grilled tomato and onion for garnish and scoop on some dressing. Enjoy.


D and S said...

Recipe sounded good until you talked about "bowels". I just really can't imagine eating out of them......

Sorry, couldn't resist! :D

Wild Ghese said...

that's pretty funny. I think I'm just going to leave it like that.

oh...and it's the teriyaki glaze (thick kind).