29 June 2008

EuroCup winner is........Spain!!!

Tere, Sita, Barbara and Dave

Keane looks like he wants to escape. Isn't Benjamin cute? He's like, "Hey dude."

Tere and Sita (Barbara in the back)

Some of us from our church went to go see the EuroCup final, not in Vienna, at a local restaurant/bar. I have little interest in the game, except to interrupt my fixated husband and ask who "so and so" is, and "why would somebody foul that guy?, or "honey, can I get something to eat?", or "yeah, somebody made a goal! who?" Here are some pics of the game.

As usual, Keane was a trooper, and Benjamin, our Pastor's baby, was too. The most exciting thing was that a member of our very own church sang the National Anthem at the game. I know you don't believe me, but yes indeed. His name is Eddie Gaunt (you can look him up). He sings opera, goes to our church, and sang in front of millions of people. The video is below, but you can only hear him, silly camera men, they only took shots of the ball players. Don't forget to pause the music below. ;)

I had him in his PJs ready to go. We had to leave at half time. There is only so much you can expect from a 5 month old.

Mama and Benjamin

Daddy and Benjamin

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