07 June 2008


So, being a fifth generation, Californian, I naturally had to go back and visit after giving birth. This is Mt. Lassen

Butte Creek (that's our guess, since we were visiting the town Butte Meadows)

More water (later I'll show you a fly fishing video). I actually got to try it.
I wanted to know how I was going to manage not raising a city boy. Do you know what mom said? "Let him run around stark naked in your yard and "water" the plants." Will do.

Here's nature boy, sitting up! For two seconds.

This is my family's backyard. They have worked hard on the landscape since I've been gone.

Yes, they have chickens. Compliments of my brother.

Front yard

Well, I'm back. I actually got back Wednesday. I snored through house group. Not fair, I was congested. Now I'm overly ambitious and want to rearrange the whole house. What is it about leaving and coming back that makes me feel like I need to make some changes? It happened when I went to India, too. We've already got the process started.

A bookshelf fell apart while I was gone, so John fixed it. Too many books. So I moved it out of Keane's room and into our overly cramped office. Then I'll move our stereo cabinet (after painting and sanding it) into Keane's room. I have ideas rolling around in my head, and if I don't put the plan into action, it'll kill me.

John tries to be reasonable and says logical things like, "Why don't you settle in, first, then worry about all that stuff?" Like telling me to breath during labor, "If I'm screaming I'm breathing!" I'm here aren't I?!! Let's get this show on the road, i.e. let's get the baby out! He is so patient. I tell people that if there has to be a difficult person in the relationship, that's difficult person is me.


Kara said...

Glad you had a good trip! Your parents yard is gorgeous.

party of eight said...

welcome home.

i love to get my house wipped in shape after trips too, but my house will never be the same... always looks like a tornado hit now.

love you.

thanks so much for the card and money sara... did you see we got our van?

thanks for being such a great friend.


Wild Ghese said...


Glad you got the card, and I did see the van!!!!! I hope people keep supporting you with all the money on gas you're gonna spend.

I 'll tell John. I was just following orders. :)