01 May 2008

Take that Jack

Look at that talented baby. ;) Of course I don't leave him alone, but we get to eat lunch at the same time.

I read this article yesterday on Jack Johnson

It's pretty refreshing. I need to tell you another story about good 'ol Jack. About a month ago I saw that he was playing in Berlin (maybe two months ago). I tried to convince John to go to Berlin and see him. His question, "What are we going to do with the baby?"

A week or so later John mentioned that he had a surprise for me and told me to keep July 12th open. Well, sometimes I don't like surprises, especially if I know I'm going to get "hit" with one. So I begged him to tell me. I had no idea what was coming.

I was thinking that we might go someplace, but I couldn't figure out why we had to keep that specific day open. That's not usually John's style. I know you know what happened, but I thought Jack was ONLY playing in Berlin and then scootin' on to the Netherlands or something. John said, "Well, I figured Jack would not ONLY be playing in Berlin, so I did a little research." Sure enough, he is playing two hours away and John bought us tickets!

So, we are taking a baby sitter with us, who surprisingly enough, has no idea who he is, so there won't be any jealousy issues. Like the time I babysat for someone so they could go to a Third Day concert. I was going to Northland at the time and I would have violated my conscience.

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D and S said...

Great babysitting story! And yeah that John got you tickets! How fun! We used to do that for birthdays a lot. Get tickets for our favorite artists. We can't really do that anymore because of where we live. We enjoyed it while we could! :D