12 May 2008


This is where it all started. A little stroll around the premises. We reserved based on internet images. We got a great deal with two buffet meals a day.

Keane's first time in a pool. Does anybody have suggestions on what to do with babies in a pool? I would like to go regularly. Don't know if I can commit to classes.

First time in the "hot" tub. More like a warm tub.

"Hi Keane!"

A little snooze by the pool. Mom and Dad read.

Old town Alcudia.

Church was built in 16.... hundred something.

John playing volleyball.
Nice panch.

My boyz sleepin'. Yeah I was pretty much up at five something everyday, no matter how much T.V. I watched with John the night before. They had some good microwave pop corn down there.


Majorca or Mallorca, whichever your preference, is a Spainish island in the Mediterranean Sea. John and I decided, last minute, that's where we were headed for his May vacation. It took a little prodding from me. He was not so keen on taking Keane ;) flying.

Inter European flights are really cheap, generally. You could, at one time, get a flight for as little as 5 Euros (plus tax) to go to Rome. For some reason, though, we have never taken one. We always drive to our destinations. It really is like going to Arizona to visit Grandma or something, but closer. We can drive to Italy in less time than it takes for me to get to L.A. from my little home town of Chico, CA.

Some would rate their trips on how many things they saw during their vacation. We would most likely rate our trip on how much T.V. we saw in English, or how it takes less time for Keane to respond to John when he smiles at him. We did a lot of bonding and a lot of nothing. In fact, so much for sunny weather, it rained the last three days we were there! It was sunnier here in Germany, go figure.

Don't underestimate the power of a Christian T-shirt. We met another Christian couple there, 'cause John wore one. He always wears them when we travel. I don't know if he does it on purpose, I know he's not meaning to evangelize with them, but any light you can shed in dark Europe is good light. He doesn't wear the ones that say "got Jesus?" My personal favorite, that John doesn't have says, "What part of 'Thou shalt not' don't you understand?" or simply the shirt that says "God wins." Sometimes I need that reminder.

What a trooper Keane was. We had to take a train from Heidelberg to the airport, wait in lines (you know how that goes), trot around the airport like nobody's business, take a flight, land (I hate flying), and catch a bus and drive for another hour to our destination. The reverse back plus taxi. He was such a good baby. He just peered up at us from his stroller "are you guys nuts?"


Kara said...

Even with the rain it sounds like a great trip! Glad you had lots of bonding time. With popcorn. :)

Ah yes, the Christian t-shirt. My husband is also famous for that, but his favorite ones are so worn out you can hardly read them anymore. Amanda's favorite says "Man on Fire" on the front and has the verse to go with it somewhere amongst the holes.

party of eight said...

what a dreamy post... sounds wonderful! sounds so wonderful enjoying your your family. the pictures look beautiful!

happy mother's day.

Kelly Glupker said...

Do you have a pool floaty for the baby? We use that with Owen or we just bounce him in the water. When he's old enough to sit up, he'll enjoy sitting in the kiddie pool. Owen loves to be in the water.

Amanda said...

I am listing to R-E-S-P-E-C-T and invisioning us dancing to it in the living room.

Wow I am soo glad you posted these great pics. You have quite the eye. Oh, I have one of those floatys too. Ours was a big round circlr that you blow up then there was netting between the water surface... Oh, Geesh I will just post it. :)

Man on fire!! I never thought about meeting another christian couple that way. Neat.