11 April 2008

versitile kid

I did a little photo shoot with Keane yesterday. I was really impressed by my Pastor's wife and friend, Samantha. She took some great photos of her boy.

With all this spring cleaning (I still have more to do), I decided to spring clean my blog. All of you out there who have decided to limit access to your blog, please send me an invite,too. I lost my links.

I just want to praise the Lord with how things are progressing with Keane. He is such a great kid. He will either take formula or breastfeed. He'll take a pacifier or put fingers in his mouth (I told him grandma would not be happy about that). We do try to remove the fingers and plug in the binky. He'll sleep with us or sleep in his crib. Last night we put him down around 10:00, he woke up at 12 a little fussy. I put the pacifier in and let him work out the rest. This morning I woke up after five, thinking something was wrong. He pretty much slept 'til 6.

The one thing he doesn't do is fill his shorts very often. I take them off and say "that's it?" and he looks at me like, "what were you expecting? goldfish?"

We're still on track to go to CA in May as soon as the passport gets here. I wish I could see all of you.


Katie Barker said...

I really like the new background - and your b/w pix. Good job!

WILD GHESE said...

katie-send me a mail with permission to your blog. varghese2go@gmail.com

party of eight said...

yes, i do love your new background. - those pictures turned out great! your son is so cute. i sure hope i can meet him and i really want to see you.

i feel pressured to get our taxes done today. they should have been done long ago.

i am glad that keene is sleeping so long. amos usually wakes around 5:00 every morning, but malachi will sleep forever. (have you ever heard of such a thing for a 2 weeker?) he slept from 10 and i woke him up to feed him around 5:30 when i was done feeding amos, and then he slept til 9:00... he must get that from his father!

so how long did it take you to loose your pregnancy weight? i still have 30 more to go... that sounds like a TON when i was only supposed to gain 25 TOTAL in the first place. do you need me to re-send you an invite to my blog?

love you!


WILD GHESE said...

oh my goodness, you are blessed!
did it take a little drama for Amos to go down for longer?
Whenever I think of Malachi, I think Elias for some reason.
I still don't have all the baby fat gone. I'm waiting for the summer. to get out and about more, however, if you are breastfeeding, you're going to lose A LOT!

Yeah, I need an invite again for some reason.
That's a bummer. I would have reconsidered making the changes if I had known that.

still planning on seeing you. are you planning on making any trips to the back forty?

Kara said...

Love the new look! And the baby pics are gorgeous!
Hooray for nursing, I'm so glad it's working out. :)
He sounds like such a good baby.

Deb said...

Keane is adorable!
I love your quote by Martin Luther. That's how I feel these days...I'm glad things are going smoothe for you and Keane. Yipee! Hope you have a great trip to Cali. Blessings to you and your whole family.

manda said...

Whoaaa!!! what a change!

Scotty and Lisa said...

That's fantastic! What a gift to have such a great kid first time around- I know it must be such a relief for you. I pray he continues to grow with such an easy-going personality.