25 April 2008

Survey says.....

Keane is above average in height and weight. Is anyone surprised by this? What I didn't know, and was thrilled to find out, is that Keane is also ahead in some of his motor skills. Apparently he's not suppose to know he has fingers, yet. He knows he has 'em. He sucks on his thumb constantly, now. Sorry Grandma, we still try to take it out and return the "binky".

Thank you Ansgar and Yvonne for this cute outfit. He is in size 6 month clothes.

Pray for my trip to CA. It might be postponed. I'm a little depressed, but a friend asked me if I wanted to go to the Scottish Highlands, which made me feel better. John is also thinking about going to Sicily, which I'm hoping for. We are coming up on a family vacation and I told John that the only requirement is that it has a beach. Not that I necessarily want to be seen in a swimming suit, but I got one tonight for the occasion. It covers everything that needs to be covered and John said that it was beautiful, of course, he didn't see it on.

My day is really brightened when I hear my son giggle. He finally giggled for me when I put him on my knees and did "airplane". We captured it tonight when John tickled his armpits.

Tummy time is a sensitive subject. I try not to frustrate him too much.

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Kara said...

I'm with you- there must be a beach. Not that I get out much, but if I DID, there would be serious beach time. Congrats on a decent and beautiful swimsuit, that is hard to find.
And of course, the giggling baby is adorable!