14 April 2008

Prayer for Kids

I have a daily challenge for you. You probably do this anyway, but yesterday I was impacted by something that was said in the sermon at church. "Christians are one generation away from being obsolete."

I have a little baby photo album with picture's of my Christian friend's kids in it. As long as they send me a picture via e-mail. That's just how I've personally narrowed it down to something that I can reasonably do. You can choose to pray for the kids in your neighborhood, in your church, affiliated with your school, etc.

With each picture I have cut out a day of the month from a Prayer for our Children calendar. So I try to find the date and then go back and pray for each kid, but it's something I'm failing in. Hopefully, this will be a way I can do it consistently, by putting the daily prayer on my blog.


manda said...

Thats a great idea!! I love those pictures that I get at christmas and school pictures but I wonder what to do with them. I could just flip through that book and pray for kid/family. I have been terrible about prayer journaling. Ick. I doesn't work for me. Thanks for the great idea! It is sad that there is a hell and people are going there.

WILD GHESE said...

that's a great way to use those Christmas cards.
I'm not a prayer journal-er either. I do love my cutsie little baby album, though, and I like specific way of praying for one thing a day. instead of "...and I pray for their haircut this Friday...and piano lessons." I can't keep track of that stuff.

party of eight said...

that is awesome sara.

love you!