18 April 2008

Baby Boom Boom

As you can tell not much is going on, so I thought I'd take a picture of my baby's boom boom. Boom Booms are so cute!

Keane got his passport! What a relief! I'm set to go to CA in May. I'll be there for Mother's Day, Lord willing, just for Great Grandma.

Keane giggled for John, the first time, on his 3 month birthday and then he giggled last night for a friend, but he hasn't giggled for me. :(

He is very alert, aware, and developing a personality, but he also had diarrhea last night.

John and I have been getting really involved with our church. The last two Sundays I've played guitar in the worship team. It was interesting playing the only instrument. There's a lot of change over in military churches in the summer with people leaving. Pray for Grace Baptist International Church as we go through these changes and the organizing that needs to take place. There are a lot of ministry needs.

So there's the hodge podge of it all.


D and S said...

What a beautiful picture! You have such an artistic eye. And the "boom-boom" is ADORABLE! :D

That's wonderful that you are getting involved in your church. Does it make you feel like you belong?

That's wonderful that the passport rolled in. I bet you can't wait to visit the US of A again.


party of eight said...

he has an adorable bum! all my kids have pretty cute buts except for poor little amos... his buttcrack goes all they way up to his waist line... then it is all hairy. the doctors were concerned for spinal bifita and he has a bump too, but his legs and hips and everything seem to be working great!

i hope you have an awesome trip sara. i'll miss you. maybe we can phone eachother!

love you


Kara said...

I love this picture! I don't have nearly enough black and white pictures of my kids.

Meg said...

adorable little bum. you'll do fine on the plane. have you practiced nursing modestly in public? i never really made jed nurse under a blanket, so when i tried to make him do it before my trip, he had a fit. fortunately, my flight was only 3 hours long, so i didn't need to nurse him in flight. they say it's helpful for your baby to be either nursing or chewing on a toy during take-off and landing. I tried that with jed, I'm not sure if it helped or not. The descent usually hurts their little ears more, and that usually starts like 20-30 minutes before you land. Seriously, he's a really good age to travel. He'll probably sleep part of the time, and you can always play with him in your lap or stand up in the aisle and rock him. you might call your airline and ask if they have any special accomodations for babies. I think i've heard of some airlines having some kind of bassinet for your baby to sleep in. Anywho! I bet your so excited to be coming for a visit! I bet your mom is too. =)

ps - Prayer is a wonderful thing in circumstances that we know are to big for us, eh? i loved praying to God on my trip for little things, (like friendly people to sit next to) and then seeing him answer.