19 April 2008

At Long Last

After years of Creation Scientists (not synonymous with Christian) standing by and letting the evolutionists push their agenda reeking havoc in their wake. There are a select few that are being counted. Scientists are finally tired of being pushed aside for asking the question, "What if there actually is a Creator?"

Evolutionists have had 100+ years for figuring out how we started. Their explanation weak, to say the least, but this theory (again, not synonymous with fact) has duped even Christians and forced them to somehow fit evolution into the Bible, i.e. gap theory, day-age theory, progressive creation, etc.

Christians who have believed what the Bible has told them in the plain language of scripture have been laughed at, scorned, belittled and mocked can finally have cause for rejoicing. God is able to deliver the afflicted. This is a significant step in the right direction concerning this crucial issue. Here watch the trailers under playground.

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