14 March 2008

Working on Smiles for Spring

He is smiling, officially, but catching it on camera is quite another thing, especially when his arms are flailing about.

Added: Last night we took Keane to a nice restaurant for my friend Nancy Strohm's birthday (Nancy's Travels in the links), and before you think "are you crazy?", let me tell you what happens when we take Keane to restaurants. It's happened twice.

Keane doesn't necessarily like to be held all the time, in fact, I have stood through practically a whole CD of "Patch the Pirate Favorites" with Keane on his changing table, dancing with his feet.

In order for it to work, I need a blanket, pacifier, and a freshly fed baby. I just lay the blanket on the table (where we are eating), put the pacifier in his mouth and lay him on his back. He is quite the charmer. If music is playing, like Elvis was playing at the diner, he'll dance for you. Last night an older gentleman came up to us and said that it seemed like this was Keane's regular haunt, he was so relaxed. Yeah Keane!

Germany has the coolest Easter eggs. I didn't decorate a single one. You can buy them this way. Also, I found some egg candles.


Katie Barker said...

Are they real eggs, wooden, plastic? Also, LOVE the flowers they look SO cheerful. I think I need some.

WILD GHESE said...

those are real eggs! like I said, I've never seen real eggs decorated with that much vibrancy (glad to know I didn't just make up a word there).
I don't plan on eating them, however.

manda said...

Brown eggs color up sooo nice.