20 March 2008

Passport Fiasco

I was hoping to go to California this May to show Keane off to his great Grandmother before he is 8 months old (that's when I'll be going to the states again). John thinks is ridiculous, but then, he is not a girl. He tries hard to understand. As long as I don't spend too much money, I think I can go, with his blessing. My mom has offered to pay for the ticket, AND I might be able to visit my dear friend Janelle (go to links if you are her 'Friend') and her little baby that she is about to give birth too, along with her other kiddos.

Anyway, you might be wondering how I would go about registering my son as an American citizen. We have to make an appointment with the embassy in Frankfurt. So, we did. We went down there yesterday on our appointment day. It was snowing, not a lot, but it was cold.

John had to park about 5 miles away. :) I stood in line outside, waiting for father and son to join me, behind some guy who, I guess, didn't feel like it was his right to take his place in line. He kept letting everyone go in front of him, and believe me, Germans will (come on, my German friends, you know that is true).

So, I find out they have no record of my appointment, but concede to let me proceed, along with letting me enter before everyone else (still waiting in the cold) because of my infant son. Yeah Keane.

We read in our little documents that we were going to be able to take Keane's passport picture at the embassy. I was thinking, 'what in the world?' The kid's looks are gonna change in like, two days. Nevertheless, I looked around for some place to take his picture and noticed.....the photo booths. "You're kidding me."

I could just imagine myself with Keane, who can not sit up, in a photo booth. "Look at the camera Keane!" Right. I recruited my husband and the greeter and it all amounted to my husband holding him up and Keane starring in the general direction of the camera (above).

It was quite the experience and I really felt like a idiot when it was all done. Apparently I missed the fine print, requiring me to show evidence of residency for 5 years, but can I just tell you that it's amazing, as it is, that my kid is asleep right now and I'm able to type this. He normally doesn't nap at all. If he does, it's for 10 minutes. He also eats like he sleeps. A little here and little there. I might as well park my backside, ready with the boppy pillow. All that to say, I don't have time to read 40 pages of the requirements.

Anywho...I definitely skipped over that point, probably thinking it was stupid. I wasn't even issued a passport until '98, where was I gonna go? Mexico?

Praise the Lord, the process is at least started. All I have to do is send them some school transcripts or something and Keane will soon get his passport and social security card. Whew!!


Shyla said...

he is a dolly sara!!

party of eight said...

yikes, i am glad you got that process started. - i will be so happy to see you!