28 March 2008

A Number of Topics

No, I did not put lip gloss on him. The word on the street is that he is going to keep his blue eyes.

This might be a controversial post, but I'll dive in anyway.

There have been some developments in the raising of Keane. First I'd like to thank my mom (she gave Keane the above Easter outfit), for reasons unknown to a kid growing up, fed her kids well. In light of some of the effects of processed food that I'm seeing, I grow more grateful. We never had instant macaroni and cheese (no kraft in our house). We didn't even eat American cheese, or at least I didn't. Snack foods were rare, unless you count pretzels. We only had potato chips once in awhile with a tuna sandwich. Not a lot of soda. I remember very clearly that I was the only kid at school with a sandwich and an apple, while everyone else would tote around their quaker granola bars, cheese sandwiches, capri suns, and fritos. My mom would make homemade macaroni and cheese and even now salads, grilled chicken breasts, and spicy mexican food (authentic, that will cure what ails ya) is their main diet.

So, I'm trying to adopt a new healthy life style, which is pretty easy here in Germany. There isn't the instant culture like we have in the states. I got some package cookies the other day from a friend, you know, the Betty Crocker "make chocolate cookies in minutes!" packages? Well, I can taste the preservatives in them, so I make them for those who can't. ;) a.k.a. I give them away. It's only coming to Germany that has given me those taste buds.

Vaccines! I'm reading a book that a friend (Jessica in the links) recommended and I decided to vaccinate my kid. It's a very balanced book, written by a Dr. Since I have to get the Pertussis shot with diptheria, and Tetanus, I'll just do it. So glad I've been breast feeding. He is around too many kids for me to risk it, and since I don't know, generally, how healthy German kids are, I've made an appointment. No Hep B, though. We also found a homeopathic doctor in the area and we are keeping him under our belt for emergencies.

Sleeping through the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Dr. at our house group said that Keane was big enough to sleep through the night. Whew! It was just the encouragement I needed. We've been putting him to bed a little earlier, so that John and I could have some time together, and it's been working. He puts himself to sleep, but I'd have to get up at 12:00 and start the feeding for the rest of the night.

Last night we put him to bed at 8:30, going in to check on him every once in awhile, making sure that his covers were on, that his head wasn't crammed up against the edge of the crib, etc. He pretty much slept until 10 to 4 in the morning. I let him cry those LONG ten minutes, and he stopped. I went in there to get him and bring him to bed. I woke him up. I was trying to see if he really needed feeding. I brought him in, plugged in the pacifier and waited to see what he would do. He slept 'til almost 6!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a guy.

So there you have it. The life and times of the Gheses.


manda said...

That all sounds good. I find no controversy. Maybe I am just tired? Oh, maybe the eating food from kraft thing. :) Yeah I ate bacon for lunch and corn beef slices. My mom didn't cook much. We ate what ever when ever. I don't like pop that much. I can totally taste the yucky things they put in food!! I like to make home made or I won't eat it. I have stopped buying cookies all together!! Those little cups of pudding oh those are the worst. I say introduce him to all kinds of foods. Just make sure his little stomach can handle it. I have a freind who gave their 18mth old enchalatas and wondered why she has the runs?! Hope you share some insites that you glean from the book. Yep his eyes are green and he is fair skinned (so far). Those are his daddys lips!

Kara said...

He is such a beautiful baby! Sounds like everything is going great. Your mom and my mom sound like they'd get along splendidly. That's how I grew up, too. I have not been so good to my kids. If Adam had his choice he'd eat Ramen noodles everyday. Ick.

Amanda said...

about the slleping through the night--amen and good for you if he'll do it. i have discovered, and this is not to be discouraging, but that there is no magic formula for getting your child to cleep through the night. we have done may different things and our nearly 1 year ol still won't sleep several hours straight conssitently. although, it does seem that babies who gain weight faster or who are bonr at higher weights do seem to sleep longer faster. i am blessed in that i think we did actually manage to train robi to go to sleep by herself at an early age. iw ill take credit fot hat even it was her personla choice, cuz, let's face it, sometimes, we don't ge to take credit for much in this process if childrearing. can i get an amen sistas? maybe not. . .