08 March 2008

Food Glorious Food

Macho Macho Man! (woah, flashbacks)

Anyone seen that musical....what is it(not Macho Man, the title of the post)? Let's see how many of you know. Speaking of musicals, can't wait to take my man to see Phantom of the Opera if we go out to WA next September. I think I'll wait until we get our plane tickets before I start collecting my chicks. (Don't count your chickens....). I don't think I applied that right, but you know what I mean.

I've been out here for two years this month without even a visit to an American grocery store. Shed a tear for me. It hasn't been that bad. I'm a mover and a shaker and I adjust. Heck, living in Wisconsin was cultural shockish enough for me, "doenchyaknow?" Anyone had a pasty? Can't say I miss 'em all that much. A few friends bring me Reese's butter cups once in awhile, and I get some other things here and there, but yesterday my good friend took me shopping!

As you can see, it's nothing necessary for godliness, but lots of wonderful junk food that hopefully will last for awhile. Oh, let's see...Wheat Thins, Enchilada sauce, favorite Easter candy, German Chocolate Cake mix (guess you figured out it's not actually German), the list goes on and on. I did get some practical items like, Simple Green, Baby Motrin, and Orajel. No, he's not teething, but I'm prepared, buddy. I don't know when I'll go back to that wonderful place.

Last night I was prancing around the place convincing my husband and friend Kathy that Oreo cookies in Germany are not the same as American ones and making them try Fig Newtons, "See! don't you like 'em?" If they were half as excited as I was, they were doing great.


Amanda said...

I know I can always count on you to post about food!!! You have many of my favorites there. I like the large whopper eggs. Easter is probably my favorite time to shop for JUNK! mmmmm

When I was in london I couldn't find any good candy. They had crazy names too. I'd like to see some german candy. Go buy some already! Just kidding. Sounds like a good game of tag to me post your favorite candy. Thanks!

party of eight said...

sara, you are so funny! i have never been a pasty fan myself. - maybe dunbar is a great place for missionary training. if you can handle it there, you can live anywhere... me in n. mpls, and you in germany.

oh i miss you. i love the way you write. you are so funny!

keane is getting so big. amos is still such a tiny peanut...

love you,


WILD GHESE said...

Janelle- I have no doubt in my mind that Dunbar is boot camp for the mission field. the school is in the middle of a forest for pity's sake. (tee hee) we still had fun, though.

hope you're not worried or anything about Amos' size. Keane has sleds for feet and he has to grow into them.

Amanda! - you better post about your London story. ;) i really wish I could actually meet you.

Scotty and Lisa said...

I totally get you Sara! We've got a few American products here, but definitely nothing like Sunchips. The few really cool things we have, I would never pay for. And, Oreos here definitely don't taste just like they do in the states- it's a fact.

manda said...

Ditto Sara

manda said...

So I posted some pics from london. They are pretty boring though. I have much better of the us of a!