23 March 2008

Easter '08

Ready for church. Tolerating the car seat, really, seconds before he was screaming.

I look drugged, sorry. We both have the same expression.

The only time we get family photos is at a gathering.

I did not do this cake! I love it.

Our son's first Easter! It was a busy one. I played guitar in our church, so I had to go early, and of course there was a breakfast at church, and then we had lunch at the Wilson's. We also have to bring something to each event. So, Gertie (my guitar), dish of something, music, kid, mom and dad all together on 4 hours of sleep, but we made it!

Keane received a new outfit from Grandma and Grandpa, a cute measuring tape from Auntie Liz, Madagascar from Uncle Ben, an Easter Bunny from Great Grandma and his first Bible from us. Our Pastor recommended this Bible called "The Big Picture Bible". We can't wait until it gets here. Of course the candy is for us and the new glass bottle will help us out too, since we no longer microwave plastic.



manda said...

This will probably be the last time we see you with the baby. Seems like I am in none of the photos. You're right unless I say here take my picture it never happens. and yeah the kids ask where were you mom?

s said...

Happy Easter! Glad you get away with some loot. ;D I wish I could have heard you sing. Why do you need bottles? Are you still nursing or no?

WILD GHESE said...

yep, still nursing, but Keane also takes formula when it is more convenient.
Sometimes we like to top him off with it, because it seems to cause him to sleep longer. ;)

s said...

Aaah, I see! Glad to hear he's still getting momma's milk. :D I just adore the passport pic. Soooo cute!