18 March 2008

2 Year Anniversary

Yeah, I've been married to the man of my dreams for two years. Have you ever looked back on things in your life, episodes, if you will. For example, school, clay pottery course, 4 - H, horse riding class, piano lessons etc., and wondered, "what good came out of that?" Like for me, guitar lessons were a whopping zero, in high school, the teacher and I just had these long philosophical chit chats. He would wax eloquent about his musical vibes, and I would do my usual, smile and nod, until I figured out I was wasting my money.

All that to say, I can look back on my two years of marriage and see all the good that has come out of it. God has used it to change me a lot. First he brought me to another country, gave me a trial to deal with (namely cyst), and then he brought in a whole other lesson book, called Keane Zachary.

John is so much a part of me that I barely remember life without him. How did I survive? I never would have been able to go through the above (one of them wouldn't have even happened) without his companionship.

I love you John. You mean so very much to me.

We've wanted to go the the Sushi restaurant for awhile. I couldn't go while I was pregnant, and then, well, just didn't seem right to drag Keane to a Sushi bar. Soooooo.......I made it! For the first time, so don't laugh.


party of eight said...

happy anniversary sara. i can't believe you have been married that long. it is almost 7:00 p.m. and i am still wishing for this baby to make it out into this world on your anniversary. (God does miracles.)

i am very impressed with your sushi. it really lookes beautiful. i sure am not that adventurous in my meal preparing. (hello, i am all about frozen pizzas and mac and cheese.)

i am so happy that God brought you and john together. you are truely a beautiful couple inside and out. i am so thankful for all God has done in you. i just love you.

jas and i will be celebrating 3 years this may. i never dreamed at that time about what God is doing with us now. we are so blessed.

love you sara,

happy anniversary

Kelly Glupker said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!! Way to go on the sushi - I have never even tasted it before.

Scotty and Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary Sara and John! God has really done a lot in those two years! Your Keane is looking cuter and cuter. Today is Father's Day in Bolivia- so Happy Father's Day to John as well. Your sushi looks quite impressive- well done!

Jane said...

Happy Anniversary, Sara! (um, you may not remember me but we met a grand total of once at a "ladies' night" gathering in Nussloch - friend of Deb and Stacey... now in India...) Your little guy looks gorgeous... and so does the sushi.

Jane said...

OMG and I just realized you can see our house (or at least the other half of the Doppelhaus) in the background of the picture with John and Keane! I feel homesick now...

Shyla said...

i totally agree with what you were saying about not imagining life without your mate. isn't it amazing how quickly and tightly the Lord bonds us together with our husbands...i mean, i had slept alone for 24 years (except when deanna was scared comanche was walking around outside the a-frame :)) and all of the sudden i am married and can't sleep without him!
congrats on 2 years. here's to 100 more :)

Kara said...

Happy anniversary! We have been married 8 years, and it just gets better and better. :)