11 February 2008

Temper Temper

I really should be napping with my kid (1 month old today!), but when you've got something to post, who can resist the urge? Well...okay...maybe you can, but I can't.

Today Keane and I made a huge breakthrough. I should preface by saying that from day one, Keane could lift his head up. One of the first things that John said about him was that he had a lot of strength. He does, and he has got the lung power to go with it. Let me tell you, when that boy screams, it's the whole arching the back, and turning red thing. He seriously sounds worse than a mad hornet. He does it quite often. John and I don't mind the crying so much, and we are here to comfort him through colic or whatever, but when that starts, we have found ourselves firmly saying "no" and if possible, not responding to it. That only goes so far. He's only a month old.

Well, anywho, I really wanted a haircut (I got bangs, Mom, I know that will make your day). I was thinking to myself, either I'm crazy or really stupid to try to do this. You should see the look on people's faces when he screams. I thought our mid-wife was going to call a Dr. (he was just anxious to eat). What a good boy he was!!!! I sensed that he liked the sound of the blow dryer, and there were plenty to hear. He stayed in his car seat the whole time. I didn't push it by getting my hair washed. I also got an awesome parking place, which is unheard of in downtown Heidelberg, AND I got to go to McDonald's and get a coffee and a muffin (to go, of course). Woo hoo! They aren't bad, either.

A friend of ours taught us a calming technique last night and another friend gave us a colic lullaby tape with a heartbeat in the background. Two morsels of gold that I will utilize continuously.

Here he is, still being a wonderful boy while I folded laundry! I think he smiled at me today. He did it twice in a row, so that makes me think it wasn't gas.


Kelli said...

I love those sweet baby sounds =) Keane is so adorable and I hope those resources that you were given will help to calm his colic. You are a great mommy =)

D and S said...

Isn't getting out a great feeling? Especially when you get your hair done! :D I think Tucker was about that old when I went for my hair cut! :D Great job on the breakthrough! It takes awhile to figure your kid out, but when you do, it makes everything go smoother. Like figuring out his hungry cues before he even cries. So nice. Talk to you later! Selena

WILD GHESE said...

Selena- I'm still working on the "feeding before he cries", but there is a trust that is building up with him. Even today, he didn't scream much at all. He knows I'm gonna feed him, I guess, I'm still working on the vibes, though. We are still having issues. Not sure I'm producing enough milk. :(

WILD GHESE said...

had to give him formula last night and today. hmmmm?

partyofsix said...

i can't believe he is already a month. wow. time flew... at least for me.

reading this post made me realize that the Lord has been so gracious to me in having Amos be a happy, content, easy going baby.

you are a great mommy. that sounds like a nice cd with the heart beat.

amos and i both went to urgent care last night. i was convinced i had a sinus infection along with this cold and everything else, but i am just super congested. - thanks for your sweet note on our blog. - pray that i can get a good nights sleep. i can only sleep an hour at a time... everything hurts.

amos and i watched the keane video together. i can tell amos and keane will be buds some day. only problems is, i could not hear much of teh video because the other music was overbearing... and i couldn't figure out how to turn it down or off. oh well.

love you much!


oh, and we got keane's birth announcement in the mail... that picture is so sweet it makes me cry. (you have NO IDEA how emotional i am.) how does a new mom find time to do all that. you are amazing.

WILD GHESE said...

Janelle- scroll to the bottom and pause.

like I said, it will end, though you might feel like you're gonna be pregnant forever.

Nica said...

Awww! Colicky babies are so sad!

Benjamin's colic improved drastically with chiropractic and gripe water... and baby massage.

Hope Keane gets over it soon!

Elle just turned two months today... she's hilarious. She adores her brother and saves her biggest smiles for him and her daddy... it's quite fun when they start smiling consistantly!