28 February 2008

George Allen Chew Jr.

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How do you sum up a whole life?

Here's what I remember about him...or my favorite things about him:

His common sense. He was one of the people who taught me how to drive. Some thought that I shouldn't have driven 'cause I was an airhead. He taught me how to anticipate everything that could happen. I think he is the reason I take driving seriously. I have only had one fender bender, to his credit.

How we could tease Grandma and she would have no clue.

Some of the things he use to say: "I taught you everything I know and ya still don't know nothin'", or "How ya doin' kid?", or " I can't seem to stay outa trouble."

He loved history and war movies.

He wasn't a man of very many words. He was simple with simple tastes. That's why you hear the Highwaymen song playing. I know he would of liked it. In a world of unpredictability and constant change, he was predictable and you knew what would make him happy, and for that matter what would make him mad. On the top of that list was disrespecting Grandma, his wife of 63 years.

You wouldn't have to bring in the fan fair and talk about all of your accomplishments, to make him proud, you'd just have to talk to him about your day.

The Christmas gift that I gave, that I remember most, was to my Grandfather. It was simply a tin of all kinds of licorice candy. Why? because he liked it, and I didn't have to doubt whether or not he would.

I loved him and I'll miss him.


Mother Superior said...

I'm sorry Sara. I wish you could be with your mom and Grandma right now. Being out of the country must be incredibly hard. I am praying for you & your mom & Grandma and Liz.

Big ocean crossing hugs to you. ((()))

party of eight said...

i'm sorry sara, that is hard. i bet you really wish you could be home right now.

love you.

WILD GHESE said...

I really wish he could have met Keane.

Meg said...

thinking and praying tonight for you and your family sara . . .


Nica said...

I'm so sorry Sara! Hugs and prayers for you and yours. :)