06 February 2008

Dear Grandma and Grandpa

I just wanted to write and tell you that I miss you already, even though you just left yesterday. I'm letting Mama write this note as I sleep in the Ergobaby carrier that you gave us. I think that Mom and Dad really like it and, I kind of think it's cozy, too. At least I can keep an eye on my parents at all times.

Today is a practice round for Mama. Daddy went to go do some errands and I was a good boy while Mama took a shower. I didn't cry until the end (she can take some long showers). I just sat in my bouncer and listened to the water. Then Mama put me in front of the mirror so that I could see the baby inside. I really could stare at him for hours. Thank you for the play center. It gives me something to do while Mama does silly stuff like clean up the family room or check her e-mail.

BTW, my favorite CD right now is still Josh Groban, but Daddy is purchasing a CD player for me with a tape player so that I can finally listen to the CDs and tapes that were given to me. Someone gave me a LullaBible, which will be nice to listen to, though Dad tries to read me a Proverb everyday.

I am completely off formula and Mama even sneaks off the nipple guard every once in awhile, but when I'm really hungry is not the time. I'm a screamer. I guess I need to work on that.

So, as soon as I get a Passport, Mama and Dad are going to see what plane tickets are available for a good price. I would love to meet my Great Grandpa. I heard that he just got out of the hospital. My Mama and Daddy pray for him everyday.


Keane Bean


D and S said...

That was an adorable post and full of updates! Way to go breastfeeding girl! It does get better, doesn't it? I am loving that bouncy seat. How cool and modern looking. Sure beats my Winnie the Pooh garage sale bouncy! :D Glad to hear your're figuring out your new normal! Selena

partyofsix said...

that was a really sweet post... keane is such a dolly. i am so glad your parents got to see him... i hope you get your passport soon!

what nice baby gear you have... how fun!

love you!


Amanda said...

He's almost a month old already!! He's a good size baby thats for sure! My andrew was 8 13. It seemed he grew right out of the 0-3 months stuff after one wash! He sure is looking at his grandma there.

Mother Superior said...

So sorry about your Grandpa, Sara. :( :(

WILD GHESE said...

I can't comment on your blog, Jess, but I think you're hilarious.

Yeah, I'm feeling pretty helpless about my Grandpa, but he has heard the gospel betimes. I just wish I could ask him one more time, "when are you gonna get saved?"