31 January 2008

Yeah Ergo Baby!!!!!!

I have to admit that I have a fussy baby. He has his bowel issues, and plus, he just wants to be held all the time. That cures me of judging other parents for raising needy kids.....ch...eemm...some kids just are needy! Well, Keane cried all day today, or at least most of it. I have never found myself so much on my backside trying to nurse. I have spent HOURS nursing, mostly, I figured out, for his comfort. He latches on and then doesn't do anything. Forget making meals, or scrapbooking, eating, etc.

My parents went out and bought us the Ergo baby that we wanted. They brought it home and we watched the video that went with it. After it was about done, Keane woke up from his nap....crying. My mom and I quickly put the carrier together and dropped him in. He stopped crying. My future is opening up for me. I can now envision myself maybe making dinner! I can at least contemplate my parents going home and leaving me.

Yes, this angel is the one we are talking about.

This is our mid-wife, Angela. We are done with the everyday visits. He is over his birth weight and the jaundice is gone. Thank you Angela. I know I said this before, but if it wasn't for your help, I would have given up on the breast feeding.

Lastly, check out this sunset either last night or the night before. ;)


partyofsix said...

that is a very nice contraption. i like the color.

you are a wonderful mom. i am so proud of you for sticking with nursing... everyone says it take a month... honestly i'm scared... you will have to encourage me when the time comes.

thanks for the new post! i love knowing what is happening in your life.


Amanda said...

Jack Johnson has a dreamy vioce. Wow look at you on your feet! I didn't know that the carriers came with a video. I know I need one just to do up the straps...here there...???
Did you know car seats actually expire? Huh?
Good job on the breast feeding! Thank you Jesus!

Kara said...

I have never used the midwives before. My sis-in -law is pregnant right now and really likes the midwives at our dr. office, I think I might ask about them this time.
The sunset is beautiful, the baby is beautiful, I love your blog!

Mother Superior said...

Ergo's rock. I am so glad you have one. Everything else hurts my back, but those things can carry at 30lb baby successfully!!

Don't know if you can get your hands on a copy of The Baby Whisperer but she talks about basic routines/schedules for baby and I love the fact that she includes some babys are "happy" and some are "cranky" etc - it relieves so much stress for mommies to understand that some babies are going to fuss because of their personality and not because of anything else.

Some days when baby is dry, fed and not sleepy but still crying his head off, you just have to put them in a safe place and talk 5 minute outside in the quiet. And it's okay. :)

WILD GHESE said...

Jess, that's cool 'cause you can easily get under the impression, I know I did, that I'm doing something wrong.
Last night, I knew he was fed, dry, and just wanted to cry, something that I've taken three weeks to get a grip on. So I held him on my chest and just let him scream, as it were, and after three fits, he went to sleep for four hours!
I can't believe I can actually nurse in a Ergo!!!

Janelle- I'm here for you, I know that means Germany, but nonetheless, available for support. No one told me this, but either write down or keep in mind the reasons you want to breast feed. Actually, this may sound weird, but my reasons were kind of spiritual/relational. I really wanted to bond with him, do something for him that no one else could do. I knew the world would try to pull at him the rest of his life. I really wanted to start somewhere at a bonding relationship (not that formula moms can't bond), but at the time, I was under a lot of anxiety and it really pained me to think of giving up on breastfeeding. I fought for it.