18 January 2008

Thanks Guys

...for the encouragement. After a day of just feeding him formula, we're gonna try again this morning. My mom had some advice too. She said don't stress yourself out. Put him to the breast ten minutes each side, and then top it off with the bottle. Whew! I won't be worried that he is starving (he's a big boy anyway) and he'll get the antibodies.

Here's some more pics.

Look at that good lookin' little man! Maybe that's bragging, but it really has nothing to do with me. I can think of a few in John's fam. he might look like, he even kind of looks like my brother, but he looks nothing like me. Well...maybe the top lip or something. ;)

....oh he gets his big ol' feet from me.


Amanda said...

My husband was never so handsome until I saw him holding our first baby.

I am glad your mom is there for you. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Scotty and Lisa said...

Hooray! I'm glad you're feeling calmer about the whole experience. He is quite an adorable little boy- I'm so excited for you Mama!

partyofsix said...

dear sara,

he is BEAUTIFUL! did you ever dream a baby could be so cute? i love his face and his hair and his skin. the photo of him and is daddy is OH SO PRECIOUS. makes me feel like crying with the music in the background and everything.

praise the Lord for the comfort he is giving you with the feeding situation. sounds like a really good plan that your mom suggested. HE IS BEAUTIFUL!

love you!