27 January 2008

Baby Bath

He is almost over the jaundice. He is also past his birth weight. I just spent 2 hours feeding him (growth spurt). Yeah! He is way more alert, and he loves his baths as long as you put a wet warm towel on him.

To Keane, Love Mama

pulled into a rhythm of love
unguarded, I count my life nothing
but a purpose to love you
The Lord heard a cry
not audible to me
a missing piece, found
and given to me

this treasure is too much for me
to carry on my own
and my hands fall lame
and strength leaves me numb
when I realize you're my own

my son my love
please bare with me
my son my love
a heart who wants to be
perfect for you
but never will be
until eternity

He will make right
the daily fight
with mercies new in the morning
He will give to us
a grace that overwhelms us
if we fall on our knees

I will hold your hand
holding His
I will guide you through
guided by him
and we can look together
For His face

my son my love
please bare with me
my son my love
a heart who wants to be
perfect for you
but never will be
until eternity


D and S said...

LOve the new pics! Naked babies are so squeezable! :D Glad things are going better. It's always hard at the beginning. Sounds like you're really able to enjoy him now! Wonderful!

Amanda said...

I loved that yellow bear thing for the tub. Babies are so slippery! Nice poem. Its great that you have conecting thoughts already just 2 weeks after birth. He'll love to read that in his baby book.

So I assume the breast feeding is going well?

journeyer said...

the poem is beautiful - I really enjoyed your imagery as well as the thoughts. I'd like to print it out to save with some others that blogging friends have written.

WILD GHESE said...

breast feeding is going well. I still have to top things off with a bottle every once in awhile. he is a porker. I should just go topless sometimes. maybe that's TMI.

Deb said...

I love the poem. I hope you'll put it to music. Glad to hear breastfeeding is doing better for you. Hey, try having a seven year old around that wants to watch you feed the baby! And lastly...does Keane have blue eyes? They look blue to me and they go beautifully with his dark hair. Blessings to you guys!

Amanda said...

Keep at it soon your boobs will be as big as your head. Then he'll be full! :)

partyofsix said...

what a beautiful poem, makes me cry. what a gift seriously.

keane is BEAUTIFUL. he is quite a big boy. i am so glad he is doing well and eating well. you are amazing.

love you.


Kelly Glupker said...

So Sweet!

WILD GHESE said...

Deb, not counting on the blue eyes. I have a feeling they haven't changed yet, to their true color. Would be nice though.

I'm so behind in my song writing, but Keane is definitely inspiring.