19 January 2008

More Details

My parents came yesterday. Woo hoo! My mom took one look at Keane and forgot all about unloading the car. It was cute.

There have been a few more developments with breastfeeding. I'm hoping this helps someone out there. He started to refuse to latch on. So, his determined mother took the bottle out all together. Whether that was a good idea or not, you be the judge. My mid-wife didn't think so, and I felt like a jerk. Keane cried for 4 hours as I tried to urge him to latch on, saying "no" when he started to scream. Drama Drama Drama.

Anyway, the mid-wife came, I was drying up from crying. Keane was so exhausted he was limp. Long story short. She gave me a nipple to put on. It worked like a charm. I think he fed for 30 minutes. Never has he done that! ......I felt like more of a jerk.

Here's my trooper. I love him.


Amanda said...

thats great! drinking water will help you stay hydrated. How proud your folks are!

Kara said...

Do not feel like a jerk- this kid doesn't look like he's going to starve anytime soon. With my daughter that was 8 wks early they gave me one of those nipple thingys, but she was so tiny she wouldn't even use that. I ended up pumping for 6 months she was so taken with the bottle. I am SO glad that is working for you!!!! He's getting it, I knew he would. :)

Kelly Glupker said...

My sister used one of those nipple guards with her second child. I'm sure it's a hassle having to pull it out all the time, but it sure beats pumping for 6 months!

partyofsix said...

sara you are NOT a jerk! you are a wonderful mamma. praise the Lord you found something that works!

how awesome that your parents came!

love you

D and S said...

Yep, a nipple shield is what I used for those first 4-5 months with Logan. I was so thankful for it! I was bound and determined to breastfeed and I think that determination really helped! I even had a nurse in the hospital ask me "How determined are you to breastfeed?" I was suprised by the question, but answered with all my new mom hormones..."With all my heart!!!" :D I nursed him for 9 months till he started BITING, the twins for 13 months and who knows how long I'll nurse the Tucker-man. Love you, Sara. I prayed for you this morning and am so happy for you. God is amazing in what He entrusts us with. His power is amazing!

Deb said...

Praying for you Sara!

journeyer said...

I'm so encouraged by the Universal body of Christ, that has gathered around you to pray and encourage you.
I'm not at church this morning, and so many of the blog posts I'm reading are encouraging me in my faith. Thanks for all your transparency and honesty here. Thank you ladies, for even your indirect ministry to me in Baltimore.

Kelli said...

Congratulations, Sara! Keane is an adorable baby and I am so glad he made it safely. How fun that must be to have your parents there with you. Hope he continues to learn to breastfeed. Congrats!