22 December 2007

Oh the weather outside is frosty....

I've never actually seen frozen spider webs, so I'm glad I didn't see these to clean them. It's most likely that I would not have seen them... ever. We woke up to a lot of frost on the ground that looks like snow. I drove John to work and actually got to see snow! I think it just snowed in a 1 mile radius around his work.

I've been praying, since October, for snow, so we're getting closer!

On to baby. We had an appointment last Wednesday. If you've been watching the ticker, I'm in my last month. There is a mixture of excitement and fear. This is our Dr. She is from Romania. She's been great. The reason the picture is in sepia and blurred is because I didn't want my double chin to stand out so much. Man, I love iphoto.

Anyway....Keane Bean is readin' a book in there and has adopted all the traits of a typical Indian. He is in no hurry to get out. We saw him sucking on his hand and moving his lips. He looked like a real baby, and not an alien. ;)

I tried and tried to get a good video of him moving and will not give up, but I guess after I had fallen asleep he really started moving and daddy bonded with him. I didn't even realize John was touching my stomach. Keane was moving again this morning and we both bonded with him. I can't wait to kiss his brown head.

When I was taking my mom to the airport I remarked, "So labor is pretty awful, huh?" She said, "It depends on your perspective, and besides, you get a prize at the end." So here's hoping my perspective is good.

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Amanda said...

Okay since you mentioned it. My friend had her first baby oh...40 years ago and her mother was the time that never metion much about women stuff. She thought pee and babys caim out the same?? So when her baby began to crown and they give her the mirror (thats crazy) she saw this back curly hair and this brown looking baby. She freaked she thought she was having a African American baby. Really!!! She didn't realize thats what they look like. She didn't know how to explain it?? She was VERY Nieve!!! I think black babys come out whiteish and brown up too.

Oh I am soo happy for you. Now is the long hall point so keep busy. Enjoy the energy you may get!