25 December 2007

Merry Christmas One and All

Merry Christmas everybody! Thank you grandma for the manicure (Sara) and the journal (John). That's what we got with the Christmas money you sent. Thank you mom for the waffle iron. We used it this morning for our Christmas waffles.

We had a nice Indian dinner last night with a couple from Tacoma, WA. We thought that it would be a 'no show', but they came and the conversation was good. The samosas turned out fine, as well.

Right now we are headed to the Strohm's house for Christmas dinner. We are hoping that you all are enjoying time with your families and friends, remembering Christ, for He came for us, to die for our sins, and reconcile us to God. What an amazing gift!

1 comment:

journeyer said...

Oooh - a waffle iron, very nice. We were going to have waffles Christmas morning, but ended up having them this morning (Day after) instead!