04 December 2007

I Love Christmas Time

Almost every little town, at least this side of Germany, has a Christmas Markt. Some markets last longer than others, for example, starting last week and lasting until the 22nd. Others are just on occasional weekends. It usually depends on the size of the town. Our little town of Nussloch had one last weekend, complete with sheep. It's an opportunity for local businesses and merchants to sell their Christmas gifts or novelty items. One of the biggest "pulls", if you will, is the excellent food. Gluhwine is also very popular. I have to get the hot kid punch.

I guess for the last couple of years, our new church has sang at the Markt in Nussloch. Well, this year was no exception, other than the fact that a big, pregnant of 8 months, lady was recruited to lead (yep, you guessed it). I've never done that before. I didn't know it was going to be quite like it was until that evening.

This is our Pastor and his wife. They are a really cool couple.

I was inspired by Katie Bruno's decor (link on the side). She did a fantastic job. I love decorating for Christmas, but all of this is totally new to John. He just rolls his eyes.

(Below) I was really getting into it. Yeah, song leading class! It wasn't a waste of time, after all, though, at the time, it definitely seemed like one.


Genns said...

I can't believe you only have 6 weeks left! Time has flown by - for me anyway :)

WILD GHESE said...

you're tellin' me, yikes!

mom just left and it occurred to me that the next time I see her, she'll be a Grandma and I'll be a Mama!

partyofsix said...

only 6 weeks! wow, that is coming so soon!

your house looks beautiful sara. - yes katie is a fantastic decorateor... so similar to my mom.

love you!


Deb said...

Reminds me of the Christmas market in Strasbourg we visited together...I could hop on a plane right now. John sounds a lot like Brian. He's never even touched a Christmas decoration before. The kids though (and you'll see this), are all about Christmas decorations. Good singing by the way...


Katie said...

Way to go with the song leading! :) And beautiful decorating. I love white lights - esp. when they're the only lights on. They're also nice and dim when you're rocking your newborn! :) My mom was rocking Simon tonight, and his eyes were wide open - just staring at the Christmas tree. :)

WILD GHESE said...