07 December 2007


My mom is a hero. I bit off more than I could chew concerning the quilt. I guess I picked a little more advanced pattern than I was capable of. I just thought "Baby Blocks" sounded good for a baby quilt.

Anyway, I think my mom spent most of the time while she was here, working on the quilt. I stitched a few blocks together and cut out some pieces, but it really is my mom's handy work.

Though my mom has been gone since Tuesday, I couldn't put the finishing touches on it until today, i.e. unevenly spaced ribbons :), and the final stitching of the bias tape on the back.



marshan said...

That is AMAZING!! You ladies did great work!!!

WILD GHESE said...

thanks Marshan!

I should have proof read the post, there were a couple spelling errors. oh well.

Amanda said...

Geeshh thats beatiful!

partyofsix said...

the quilt looks beautiful! you and your mom did a great job!