17 December 2007

Craft Day

welp... it was kind of a disappointing day. Only 3 girls were there, and none of them German. I handed out invites 2 times, and still not a hint of a single German. So, there was not a lot of handing out of invites to our church's Christmas Concert the next evening, which was the point of it all.

On a more positive note. I still had fun, my hubby was super helpful and talked to all the ladies that helped, and all of the donated craft supplies will be used this Tuesday at a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party for the same reason, which is, to expose kids to the real meaning of Christmas. Thank you all for the donated supplies.

...and here's the headless pregnant woman, just for update purposes. The time is getting closer. I feel like he is dropping little by little.


Katie said...

You look great, Sara - where's your head? You look like you have a soccer ball in your belly. Not even as big as a basketball. :) Sickening. :) When's your due date again? I'm in that depressing stage where none of my pants fit me - I'll probably be wearing my elastic maternity pants for Christmas. O well. At least I have some sort of excuse to wear elastic pants. :)

WILD GHESE said...

well....it's my first, we'll see what happens round two, if there is one.
Jan 15
elastic is my best friend.

Amanda said...

Great picture! Isn't God work amazing! I love it!! You look great!!

partyofsix said...

sara you do look really good. i am so excited to see the little guy!