16 November 2007

A Few Things Done...

...for Keane's room.

I worked all day on his sailboat border. I had to 'jimmy rig' a few things. For one, the stencils here are the pits, so I had to first pencil in everything and then paint it. I, also, could not find a boat, so I had to make my own, cutting a stencil out of an old plastic place mat. I settled for the bumpy look because of the not so smooth surface of the walls.

The verse is Isaiah 43:2, "When you pass through the waters, I will be with you..."

So it's coming along. More pics to come as my mom and I tackle the rest. I, at the very least, wanted to get the border up, so that we could set up the crib and changing table without the risk of them being a different color, like blue or something. That would be a little too much of the water look.

His picture board was a bear. I tried at least four times to get it right, and I followed the instructions. I had to come up with another 'jimmy rig' job in the end, and ended up using a hot glue gun to keep the tacks in place. Good thing nobody looks at the back. It's a mess.


Amanda said...

Nessacity (sp?) is the mother of all inventions (your stencil)! The baby will enjoy looking at the boats.
Oh, Hi I am a freind of a freind of kara Veihls friend.
Looks like fun. Keep it up!

WILD GHESE said...

thanks Amanda. I read your profile, you seem like a neat gal.

marshan said...

awesome!!! I can't believe you did those boats with your own homemade stencil!!! And I love the verse. it's perfect! Keane is one blessed boy to have you and your hubby for parents.

partyofsix said...

sara. your nursery is coming along and i love it. i can't wait to see the pictures when it is all finished. i agree, i love the verse you chose. i can't wait to see pictures of little keane. (at least you have a name picked out... we still have no idea what ours will be named, we can't agree on names... oh well, i am sure we will figure one out.)

love you,


WILD GHESE said...

I think that is common, it just wasn't the case in our situation. We just started spouting off names before we ever conceived. There was no pressure, we just knew we weren't waiting to have kids. I am finding, though, that the names I liked before I got married are not usually ones he likes. Like, I would love to have twins (boy and girl) named Jasmine and Amos. :)

Ashley said...

your little boy's room is going to be so cute. boys are sooo much fun. mine is currently running around in circles, waving his hands wildly, and falling down for fun.
hope you're feeling well.