09 November 2007

Christmas Kid's Craft Day

I've been preparing for a Christmas Craft Day at my house next month. I know that it's a month away, but getting all the supplies together and the help that I need has been a daunting task. I guess I didn't think that there would need to be so much prep, but I want things to go smoothly.

The idea is to invite some of the neighbor kids over and help them make gifts for their parents and ornaments. Above is the sign I'll hang up, in German. When the parents come to drop them off, we will, hopefully, invite them to come the next night to a Christmas Cookie Exchange (at our house) where John hopes to share the Gospel via the Christmas story.

Here is a neighbor boy named Noah. He agreed to help me prepare for the craft day by making one of the crafts. I want to see what all materials are needed and how much, the amount of time needed, and the degree of difficulty, all prior to the actual day. At eight months pregnant, I will want no surprises.

Here is the hand wreath that he made for his mom.

So, specifically pray for my energy level (that I don't overdo it), that the baby waits until after this ministry weekend to come, that just the right amount of help is here for the right amount of kids. Pray we have the appropriate supplies, the clean up and set up for the Cookie Exchange goes smoothly, and that mostly, ears are ready to hear the gospel.

Praise the Lord that one person is going to the States and will pick up a few things for me (it's cheaper). They will be able to go to Costco or something and get bulk packages of the necessary items. Also, I have 5 volunteers and two people have donated money!

Pray the Lord is glorified!


partyofsix said...

that is awesome sara, sounds like a lot of fun.

i will be praying for you.

love you!

marshan said...

This is such a great idea! What a wonderful way to minister to others!