26 October 2007

Long One

I had that long OB GYN appointment today where you can't eat anything beforehand and then you have to drink, not a 'spoonful of sugar', but two glasses. I was happy though, it wasn't as bad as I had imagined. I was told that it tasted like bad coke, but over here in Germany it tastes like really sweet juice. Also, I got stabbed 3 times with a needle to draw blood for the diabetes test.

The Lord gave me peace and blessings to boot. I really hate needles. My mom can vouch for that. I think when I was getting my booster shots as a kid, five nurses had to hold me down. My husband came with me, poor guy had to cancel a meeting. He usually gets my mind off of it by asking me crazy questions.

Anyway, it was the last time around and I was getting tired of getting stabbed, not to mention the last withdraw really hurt and was bruised. I prayed for peace, which is half the battle for me, and immediately the song "My peace, I give unto you" came into my head and it went better than the first two. I thought that was cool and worth sharing.

I also got to hear Keane's heartbeat for a full 20 minutes, at least. I could have laid there and listened all day. It was so nice to have John there, too, and be able to listen together. It would start out slow and then speed up, slow down, and then speed up. Then you would hear interference when he was kicking the device through my stomach. I don't know what the speeding up and slowing down stuff was all about, but nobody told us it was bad, so I'll assume it's not.

Last, but not least, as I was laying on my back listening to Keane's heartbeat I noticed the box in front of me, full of baby boy's clothes said 'zu mitnehmen'. Now, I'm no German expert, so I checked my understanding and asked John, "Does that mean we can take those clothes?" and he said "Yep!" So we got a few items of free clothing for our little guy, right there in the Dr.'s office! I took a picture of my two favorite outfits.

How cool is that? Praise the Lord.


Kelli said...

Glad your appointment went well and those little outfits are just too cute!!

partyofsix said...

that is amazing that they gave you little clothes... so cute. are you so excited about having a boy?

we will have our 20 week ultrasound on this coming thursday. i am excited... we have decided we want to be surprised on our baby's gender... i know we are boring, but i heard that it makes you push harder when you know know... i need all the help i can get.

i walked 4.5 miles today... i already gained 20 lbs, so i am trying to slow that down...

i love you and miss you,


Mark and Anne Brumbaugh said...

I don't think knowing or not knowing the gender makes any difference in pushing! When you are pushing...everything in your body is so focused and working so hard that you don't really know how to push without putting everything into it. I do admire people who can hold off until the end!! I am way way to impatient...but I think it adds some fun.
I have my "sweet shot" appointment tomorrow morning. I have been eating so healthy over the last 3 weeks that I am actually excited to get to drink the sugar drink...Glad to hear your test came back good...and thanks for sharing about the free clothes!
Have a great day.
By the way, I had heartburn with Titus and I had it even worse with this baby until I started drinking 12 glasses of water a day. That little trick has helped me lose weight during the pregnancy as well as take care of the heartburn issue. I'm not sure why, but it works!