28 October 2007



Wrapping paper drawer cleaned out to make way for the linens.

These are all my art supplies ready to find a new home.

We are trying to make room for the baby, and so I cleaned out the basement last week, with John's help. We needed to reorganize it so that I could have a "craft room/sewing room". Anyway, I was super excited to get all my art junk in one place where I could see it.


Finally, a place to exclusively work on stuff. There were so many things that I discovered that I had that I didn't need to get more of. Those of you crafty people know what I'm talking about, seems there is no end to buying supplies, and it's really frustrating when you don't have work space. You end up taking up the kitchen table for a week and your husband looks at you like, "Isn't there a better option, than sniffing glue while I'm trying to eat my spaghetti? I didn't want to get high at the same time."

The result of a new sewing room, is the need of a few more shelves for all that I pushed out. John and I have more shoes than Reebok. IKEA, here we come!


partyofsix said...

good job sara. i didn't know you guys had a basement. i thought you lived in a condo or an apartment or something.

WILD GHESE said...
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WILD GHESE said...

picture an apartment building shaped like a stair case going up a hill, and each step is one apartment. John and I were blessed to get the top story, which is not shaped like other places. I stayed in a four story "house" with, like, two rooms on each floor. Basically it went straight up. Not anything I'm use to. The Lord acclimated me by giving me an apartment with everything on the same floor, besides the basement and parking right out front (another rare thing). :)