21 October 2007

Birthday Blog

Aren't those pretty flowers from my babe?
And a nice candle from the Strohms that smells of pumpkin pie. I fired it up for like 3 hours today.

Truly, as Gerhardt said in church today, was a time to reflect on the past year. Though most of my deep thoughts either go on the other blog or in my journal. I am grateful for all He has done. Last year I was recovering from major surgery. Not only am I fully recovered, but I have a little one on the way, with one ovary!!!

It was another great birthday. I've been sick this past week. I slept for almost two solid days. John decided it wasn't my turn to attend the our church's work day yesterday, but he went in the morning. (BTW, we are attending a new church. We found a solid one closer to home. Now we can be more involved, instead of just showing up on Sundays.)

When he got home we headed out to order our stroller for Keane, but it wasn't there and John wants to do more research. We met another American couple there, and her husband was doing the same thing "checking out the rims," j/k, the shocks, not kidding, brakes, usability, etc. etc. You'd think we were buying a car. The other lady and I just shook our heads and smiled. They were a beautiful African American couple. He was really tall with a broad smile and she was the dainty, cute, type. She totally reminded me of a brown Danae Ollila. He and John became instant pals.

Any who, we went out to dinner with some friends, really low key, and had ourselves some steak. Yeah!!! I told John, way in advance, that that was what I was getting. I had heard all about it, but had never eaten there until last night.

All told it was a great day. John gave me some more verses in the morning to reflect upon while he was gone from Psalm 89. He also ordered a special birthday cake from the baker. Actually the baker has never done a raspberry/chocolate cake before, but he did a great job.


partyofsix said...

sounds like a wonderful birthday! those steaks are HUGE. oh, man, a steak sounds so good to me right now. oh dear.

your flowers are beautiful and what a nice candle. i LOVE smelly candles.

have a wonderful day! love you!

Deb said...

Happy Birthday, Sara!
Love the new music added to your blog, what is it? Hey when are you going to make those bible songs for kids for me? Okay...I'm kidding. I'm so glad that you have come so far since your surgery and the new baby coming with just one ovary...WHAT a miracle from God! Email me (cantonmentpaul@aol.com)...with your address. I know...it's like the tenth time I asked for it!
Anyway...hope you had an absolutely fabulous birthday!

Deb Paul

WILD GHESE said...

it's Tommy Emmanuel, isn't he great? John introduced him to me. I guess the player (scroll to the bottom) will only play him first, though there are other songs on there.

marshan said...

Happy Birthday!!!

journeyer said...

What a sweetheart to do so many kind things for you on your birthday! I should send Tim over to this blog (J/k) :)
I too was really enjoying the music - I left it on as I looked through other blogs. Have a great day.

journeyer said...

On Tommy Emmanuel, do you have a recommended cd that would include music similar to the Song that you are playing here? Or, is each cd really a variety of sounds?

WILD GHESE said...

we have the CD, 'Only'. It's very good. You wouldn't be disappointed. I haven't checked out the one this is on.