25 September 2007

What to wear......???

So, I just wanted to write a little something about maternity clothes. I think I mentioned before about all the free clothes that I got from a friend. Those, short of a sweater maybe, will take me all the way through until January. Upon further thought, I really do hope I have warm enough clothes to wear. I have a feeling it's going to be k k k k k k KOLD. :)

I tried the rubber band trick, to no avail. It just wasn't comfortable at all. I wish I could draw how my belly is shaped, but it's not normal. I think it has to do with surgery over a year ago. Instead of roundish, it goes out in a pointed fashion. Weird. Anyway, I just discovered that I LOVE Levi's maternity jeans. The bottom of the legs are a little narrow, but I don't care.

Are there any favorite tricks or brands out there that you like?


journeyer said...

Hey - I just saw on your friends list that you knew the Dawsons. How do you know them? They went to the same church as we did for a little while in VA.

Katie said...

I only had to buy a few tee shirts and summer short pants so far - and I actually got those from Target. But Target's maternity clothes are typically tight fitting. I like Motherhood Maternities clothes for a few reasons. The prices are reasonable. They don't have huge clearance sales, but the original price is, like I said, reasonable. They general fit normal too - and if anything, maybe run on the bigger size. I never had any tricks I did to my normal clothes, though with Luke it was nice because I had lost weight prior to becoming pregnant, so those clothes fit for a long time.

WILD GHESE said...

John knows the Dawsons from Germany.

WILD GHESE said...

Katie, I've been pretty happy with the Motherhood items that I've received. I do find myself wearing a lot of tank tops, though, because an over abundance of cleavage shows sometimes (not my thing) with the tops that I got.
I'm kind of dreading winter. I don't know how warm the clothes are.

I just wanted to mention that it's 9:52 and my husband went to the store to get bananas (it closes at 10:00) so that his girl won't get leg cramps. Isn't he wonderful?

Carmen said...

Hi Sara,
I'll bring around a few things. Dont know how tall you are, but maybe they fit. I have 2 dangerees (?) "Latzhosen" that I loved wearing and fitted until the very end :)

partyofsix said...

i have been abundantly blessed with a tub full of maternity clothes from quincy's mom (the little guy i babysit.) she has the most beautiful clothes... i have found that the gap pants are super nice... but then again i am not showing very much... (i'm just FAT)

Kathy ~TOG said...

Hey! Did you have your baby yet? This is Kathy, friend of Mark and Mary (baby Jude's grandma).

Just thinking about you guys and wondering when the big event is expected to take place!

God bless you all,