11 September 2007

Nada Mucho

Doesn't he look like a little alien? We got an ultra check up today. We had to go to a different Dr. where all they do is sonograms. We heard his heartbeat for the first time and we checked out his heart very closely. We were reaffirmed for the 3rd time that he is, in fact, a boy. They could go really close up and check out the organs and the condition of the spine. Doc said everything is fine. So far, we have a healthy baby boy inside. This picture of him, makes me want to hold him more. They spend such a long time in there by themselves. I wonder if that is why, in the first few weeks, newborns are not very responsive to those around them. Maybe its because they aren't use to other people.

As we were looking at this life, created by God, John just barreled through with this pointed question. "Looking at that, Dr., do you believe in creation or evolution?" Design or happenstance? He has more nerve than a bull. The Dr. answered his question and they got into a small discussion of Christ. I didn't catch all of it. It was in German. Praise the Lord.

Nada mucho is what I've been up to, and then again, lots of things have been going on. I started on my German classes again. We had car issues yesterday, so I was late for the first day back. :( Also, I started serving at PWOC again as worship leader and prayer leader on a weekly basis. You might pray for me. I think that prayer is the biggest priority there. Though it's all important, if we aren't praying, which is hard work, we might as well go home. I don't know about others, but I struggle with consistent prayer.

The picture above is the baby quilt that I've been working on. It's going to hopefully be "Baby Blocks". So far, something is missing, but we'll soon remedy that, I think. I got a new sewing machine from my husband and mom for my birthday, though my birthday isn't until October. I can't wait to start using it, after I cut out all the pieces. Only one hiccup, the instructions are in German.

Poor, poor Keane. I'm glad he doesn't know what he is getting into with his parents. We have a good time. There is a festival (that just ended) in our town, and the other night John and I sang karoke. I did it because you only find karoke in bars and we don't usually go to bars, and then I was surprised to find that John wanted to do it too. We sang Ebony and Ivory together until the power went out. Maybe someone was trying to tell us something. :)


Kelly Glupker said...

Goodness! I can't believe you are already 22 weeks pregnant. Is it going by fast for you?

WILD GHESE said...

yeah, it is going by pretty fast. Over half way, but we still have the holidays to get through.

I bet you're glad to finally meet your son.

partyofsix said...

again sara, keane is adorable. i am so excited that you are having a boy.

journeyer said...

That quilt looks so complicate! That 3D thing is confusing my eyes! But I love seeing that you are using old pants, I've made several things with old khaki pants and jeans :)

Kara said...

Again, I think you are hilarious and I love reading your blog. I am also very impressed with the quilt, that is something I want to learn to do someday!

WILD GHESE said...

woah chica!

I have no idea what I'm doing. :) I made one quilt for Christine Cummings and got a lot of help on it.
I met a lady who is going to help me out on Tuesday. I found out that I'm suppose to be using some kind of template. Woops.
Also, she is German, so she'll be able to check out these German sewing machine instructions for me.
So give it a whirl. See if you like it!

D and S said...

Loving the karaoke story, Sara. Made me laugh! :D

marshan said...

Sara, I was surfing Deb's blog and found your blog....please say you remember me!!!!! Congrats on your baby boy!!!!!

WILD GHESE said...

my recall would be better if I saw a picture. I do remember the name, totally, but this girl's face (named Marsha) keeps popping into my head and I know that's not you.

How are you?
I know you were at PCC. Weren't you an education major? Did you know Deb (Rogers) Hosier?

marshan said...

Yep, I was a el.ed major. But I don't think I knew db Hosier...everyone used to get me and you confused.....especially from the back. We both have big fros!! Anyways, I was a senior when you were probably a sophomore??? Anyways, my blog probably has a pic of me somewhere on it. Check it out if you have a chance.

Jessie said...

HEY! It's me Jessica Markham, My Dad is Pastor Markham in Norway, MI and WE KNOW YOU GUYS! LOL.

I stumbled upon your blog through the Dawson's blog, and anyways, Congratulations! :) Just thought I'd drop a friendly hello! :)

WILD GHESE said...

Marshan, I tried to check you blog, but you don't have the link accessible. :)
Just send me your linky loo.

marshan said...

Here's my link: www.marshan.blogspot.com
Talk to you later