23 September 2007

Baby Projects

Well, things have kind of narrowed themselves down since all the great aspirations I had at the onset of pregnancy. Reality has a way of divided dreams from common sense. I did all the looking on the internet for baby decorations, but the prices leveled out my expectations, and then I thought, "Do I really need all that?" I'm sure some of you have hit that reality wall. After all, without even praying for it, I was giving a free car seat, a free swing, a baby sleeping bag, clothes, and blankets. I figured God is sufficient to supply all my "needs" as well as wants.

Poor Keane was on the verge of being a jungle baby. I couldn't decide between jungle theme and sailboats. I know, "huh?", they seem to have nothing to do with each other. My logical way of coming up with the two options revolved around the fact that I already had vintage sailboat pictures hanging in his room, and having a jungle theme in the rest of the house (i.e. elephant sofa chair).

I went with sailboats for a little change, plus blue goes with boy, as far as the ocean that sailboats glide on. I did away with the burnt orange and browns and now have blues, yellows, reds, and whites in my future for the quilt. Found nice material to fill in the gaps for the quilt and another one for the French picture board you see above. I still have to get upholstery tacks. Who has those laying around? Oh, wait, my mom does. Too bad she doesn't live next door, but she is coming to help in November!!!!!!

What a mess! The baby room is now a sewing room. We picked out the crib and changing table at IKEA. It matches the dresser that is already in there. Hopefully things can get done so that we can set up. We've got limited space.

Here's to looking forward to seeing our son. I think it's right that we prep for our newborns. It gets us thinking about parenting and all that it entails, but "Nay" to the idea that we have to spend out of the ears for the new arrivals. In fact, I think that it is more fun to see how the Lord provides.

I have to admit that I've been a little nervous over here. We still don't have a mid-wife and just picked out the hospital. Yesterday we went to a animal zoo of a Flea Markt for babies. What a mess. I couldn't concentrate. I had to leave before I did more damage to my testimony.

When I look solely at my circumstances I am left hopeless. It's great how the Lord knows exactly how to encourage us. My mom called last night and offered that I come to California for 10 days or that she come over here. I was really tempted to go "home", but I know there will be more to do here to prep for Keane. She was the encouragement that I needed. Did I mention that she can sew like no other? She made all of my bridesmaid dresses, and it was "nothing" for her to do it. Meanwhile, I've been staring at my new sewing machine in total intimidation.

Praise the Lord!


Kelli said...

I love the sailboat theme and I can't wait to see pictures of the completed quilt. I will be praying that you are able to settle on a midwife and that God will continue to work out all of the details.

partyofsix said...

dear sara, i can't wait to see your nursery when you have it all put together. you are so creative.

i am so happy to hear that your mom is going to visit you. my mom, dad, marco, and tonio came to see us this weekend (for my big birthday) and it was so encouraging and fun.

after i went to bed (at 9:30) last night my mom sprayed down my oven and she got up early and scrubbed it out this morning... bless her heart. i have been dying to do that, but i can't be around those fumes.

i love reading your posts; keeps them coming.

love you


marshan said...

oh, the room is going to be adorable. It's so great that your mom is coming over to help. I made letters and a canvas for Makenna's wall too. FUN!

Kathy ~ TOG said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog about baby Jude...and thanks for the prayers. I know you probably have been praying for him. Did you get to my blog through Mark and Mary? They are friends of ours that live in Germany.

I will pray for you and your son, that you have a safe and grace-filled delivery.

God is good. He will provide. I love your blog. I'll have to visit again to see photos of the knew little one!

Kathy ~ TOG

Scotty and Lisa said...

You look great Sara! What a blessing that your mom can come and be a part of such an exciting time for you guys. I love the baby updates- keep that up!

Anonymous said...

Sara you look like your mom when she was pregnant with you. Same clothes and hair!!!!

Love ya'

D and S said...

I love the sailboat theme! How cute and not so ordinary. (I can't imagine you would ever pick something ordinary! :D)

You look gorgeous! I love your long hair and that shirt looks adorable.

Here's a hint about pregnant women though and winter. You'll love it. I'm always SOOOOO hot while pg, so I like being pg in the winter. Hopefully it will be the same for you so that you won't have to buy anymore clothes!

WILD GHESE said...


thanks Selena!