06 August 2007

What a Weekend!

How are y'all doing?

I'm not in Texas, still in Germany where that is the last thing they would ever say, but I've been hanging out with southerners.

John finally got a bike rack. He has been bargain shopping like a mad man. You know boys and their toys. Here he is checking it ALL out.

And again. The pictures would have gotten old of him checking it out, so I didn't put anymore up. We decided to take the new bike rack for a spin on Saturday morning. Our plan was to ride around wine country in these here parts, a.k.a. the Pfalz, and then go have dinner with some friends.

Woops, God had other things in mind. Turns out, Saturdays theme was actually "baby", starting with a morning baby shower and then ...See Josiah, here? While we were riding around in the hills, his mama went into labor. We promised a long time ago we would watch him, when that happened. So, almost an hour and 1/2 later we picked him up from the clinic.

He really didn't think that was a good idea at first. I took him to the park and let him sit on my lap, hoping that he would discover that the park was more fun than just sitting on my lap. When John came back from shopping, he put him down. Yes, he screamed or cried, but then there was this little girl........ and all inhibitions were lost. Here he is, contemplating eating some rocks. Poor kid had a rough day.

Sunday after church we went to a place called Ketch and celebrated their fisher fest with them. I celebrated to the hilt with my whole fried trout and potato salad. John tried it and then decided that it wasn't like the seafood he was use to in India. He went for plan "pizza".

We brought with us our friend, Chaplin Mike Strohm and met some other friends from our house group, Pryia and Leo. They were the ones that told us about the shin-dig.

Picture or two on a covered bridge, right by the festivities.

Since we didn't really ride much the day before, not that we minded helping out with the new arrival, we decided to try riding our bikes again.

We found a petting zoo of wild boars. Look at that monster. I thought of taking a picture of John next to it, to see which monster was bigger.

The last two are some older pictures of when Mike and Nancy were over. We are planning a trip to the North Sea. We'll see if that actually happens. Maybe we'll go someplace else.

A hot air balloon from our balcony.

Congratulations Will and Kristen for your new baby boy!


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