20 August 2007

Rhein Valley (St. Goar, Boppard, etc.)

Yes, we went on another trip. However, we haven't been able to camp much this summer because of bad weather, so I don't feel bad! :) We went to the Rhein River valley to camp for four days and 3 nights.

God provided great weather, though it did rain occasionally. When we got there, I thought we were in for it because it started drizzling, but then it stopped. The next day it was just cloudy at certain times of the day, and then on Sunday (yesterday) it rained, but after we were done with our outside stuff......well, I was actually enjoying my big 'ol pizza outside when this huge gust of rainy wind knocked over an umbrella and the umbrella knocked over my drink onto my pizza and broke my water glass in the middle of it, too, but I got another one in record time. That's service!

Last night, it rained all night, on and off, but it cleared up just enough to dry our stuff off, and pack it up. We went to play a game of mini-golf, which was way too hard and ghetto. They called it "Kleingolf", for those of you that know a little bit of German, that should be pretty funny. On our way back it really started to rain, but it was okay, 'cause it was time to go home! So, here's the pictures.

Taking a trip on the ferry to the other side of the Rhein.

Grape vines and bikes.

Naked lady on a rock. It has something to do with some legend. It sounded like a tourist trap to me.

Our camping spot from the other side.

I love wildlife photos.

When I was riding the chair, my hands were firmly "on the wheel".... I'm afraid of heights, so I didn't get any pictures of the great views from up there, sorry, and John wasn't with me 'cause he was taking a 12 kilometer bike ride that I opted out of.

Our campground from the boat ride we took. They call a boat a "boot" in Germany.

We'd like to come back again and again. It's just a hope, skip, and a jump away (1 1/2 hours). Also, we spent under 150 for the whole trip, bringing our own food, etc. There was so much to explore and you could take your bikes everywhere, and what was important to me, was that it was flat. :)

"So what did you do for the kingdom?" Maybe some of you are asking, and I've been asking myself that question more often, too. Well, this is kind of funny, but John played a sermon at the top of our car's lungs, almost, Sunday morning. I said, "John, we don't really need to evangelize the whole campground." Then he gave me the "Yes, we do" look, and I corrected myself, but mentioned that we didn't need to shove it down their throats, and he turned it down a little. It didn't stop there. Every morning he played some kind of Christian music too. We can't really give the gospel in German, yet. Plus, we are a one on one kind of people, anyway, besides the campground evangelism. :) He's so funny.

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Scotty and Lisa said...

That looks like tons of fun! I think I'd love to camp more around here if it wasn't so cold everywhere nearby where we live... Plus, Bolivian hotels are almost like camping anyway! We are one on one friendship evangelizers too...I feel ya.