29 August 2007

Day 2 of the 3 Day African Safari

Hey Kids! Welcome Back!

I think he liked the idea of some bigger kids to play with.

"Who's the King of the Jungle?" - Jesus, of course!

"Kum- by- ah".....just kidding.

Look at that kid eyeing the tape? and whose idea was it anyway, to make such a mess!

Clean Up Time!

"I can't believe I'm running with a balloon between my knees!"

"Hey, this is harder that it looks!"

"What fun! Popping the balloon with our backside!" Slow concept to get, however.

"oooooooo.....what a great story!"

"I think I need one of those."

"I'm finished!"

Not quite! Well, two more kids came! What a blessing and our dear little neighbor returned bravely. Continue to pray for the 3 Day Club. Today we presented the gospel and tomorrow we'll have an invitation. Pray for Annika, we don't know if she goes to church at all, or what, but we are so excited that she has come both days, so far. Tomorrow is the last day. We are planning a quiz game, and a safari game, and of course, this is the summation of all we have learned, hopefully. Pray for good weather, smooth schedule, the parents that attend the awards, salvation for those that may not be saved, and that God would be glorified!

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partyofsix said...

praying for you all sara. this is awesome, exciting. thanks for the updates.

love you wonder woman!