31 August 2007

3 Day Club Finale and Baby News

It all went well with the awesome help that I had, but I would have changed a few things.

The kids brought their Safari gear.

The kids heard the gospel clearly, via the Wordless book.

They studied all the things that they had learned about Africa for the quiz game.

They finished their art projects.

They went on 'Safari'!

The winning team was losing all week, so that was pretty amazing.

However, I forgot some of the rules to the quiz game and added them as we went along, when I remembered them. You can see how that might be frustrating to competitive little personalities. Also, I would end the competition with teams well before the end of the day because the focus is completely off of the purpose of Bible Club. I would have given points for bringing Bibles AND the art project would not have been so complicated. It was fun though, and I would do it again.

He's looking at you! "Hi Keane!" He looks like his dad. :)

Dad (John) practicing drama moves if we ever have a girl. He better, I was quite the drama queen. Here he is with Paula, Velo and Gaby's new baby girl. Congratulations!

What a clown!

We visited the first option for a hospital to have the baby. The rooms were like living rooms. Some had baths and wicker chairs, pictures on the wall, and calm lighting. I looked up another hospital today that had a whole page in English, so of course I have to check that place out! Poor John.


Scotty and Lisa said...

What a great way to make relationships with kids and share the gospel! I'm glad the safari went well and now you will have time to relax again. I love sonogram pics!! How exciting to see so clearly the little life God has created inside of you- I'm praying for both of your continued health and the preparation to meet him soon!

Kelly Glupker said...

Way to go on getting those hospital tours done. My tour wasn't scheduled until 3 days AFTER Owen was born!

brokeontwizzlers said...

Aww! you're such a cute pregnant woman. And it looks like your husband's going to be a good dad.

partyofsix said...

keane is so cute. you are pretty cute too sara, i love your little tum tum! so exciting! little boys are wonderful!