13 July 2007

Uppy Days and Frumpy Days


Today was no picnic and it's only 12:00. I just failed a German driving test. Yes, I studied for it. They are hard!

One of the things I don't like about Germany is the amount of money you have to pay for a license. Oh, let's see... around 600 Euros. Needless to say, John found me standing in the parking lot across the street from the driving school with tears running down my face, as a result of throwing almost 70 clams out the window.

Instead of not talking to me the rest of the day, which I would have been tempted to do if he had done the same thing, he encouraged me not to give up. Written tests are not my forte'. I got 100 on my practical in the states! I was happy in Mr. Lamanski's class to get a D on a test. These tests are hard because there is more than one right answer. "Don't confuse me with options!" It could be one, two, or maybe all of them are right, it just depends on the question.

I married the right person, he is an encourager, that's his spiritual gift. I am a quitter by trade. Didn't know you could get a degree in that, did ya? Yep, it took me 10 years to graduate from college. It's really hard for me to pick myself up off the ground. For example, rather than go to John's SAP outing today, I'd rather sit at home, eat pizza, and watch Laurence wonder around in Arabia for awhile, but I didn't marry someone who would let me do that.

I am so grateful!!!! (I'm actually tearing up).

Moving on. I have two solid weeks to try again, and you better believe John will be on my tail. :) Above is a new piece of furniture. Our new coffee table! No more, "piece of glass and two baskets contraption".

Our new sofa chair. I've decided that's what I'm going to call our hybrid masterpiece.

John owning it.

He loves it. I caught him in it this morning doing his devotions. He usually sits at the kitchen table.

We ordered these pieces back in March with John's bonus. I was hoping that they would get here before my Mom and Aunt came. No such animal. That's the lovely thing about Breitwieser. I also found out that we had better order our stroller 14 weeks in advance!!!!! Holy Cats. Are they reinventing the wheels? Sheez.


Scotty and Lisa said...

That is one big chair- I like it! Your house looks great and sunny, a very important factor... Sorry about the drivers test- I imagine that was sad and frustrating. But don't you love encouraging husbands that don't let you give up?

Sarah Corbin said...

Your house looks great and we have a makeshift coffee table too! Keeping a sharp lookout for a real one =)
Sara, I'm sure the Lord will help you get your license in His time. It's ok! Praise the Lord for an encouraging husband to keep you going. . .
by the way, your John looks so much like a dark version of my John in that picture! It's almost weird!
(yes, our husbands are . . . well . . HOT!)

partyofsix said...

dear sara,

i am sorry you failed your drivers test. i am sure i would have teared up on that one was well.

your furniture looks beautiful. very nice colors!

i am so happy God gave you such a wonderful husband. i miss our walks around the north woods. you are a dear friend to me and i love you sara.

i am excited to see your baby someday.

i miss writing new updates about our kids too. we talked to kalynn for a few minutes tonight. i sure miss that little girl. - you would have loved them too sara!

love you, janelle

Katie Barker said...

Hi Sara,
I love the new furniture. The first picture of the chair didn't do it justice. I wondered at the "sofa chair" until I scrolled down. It's HUGE! How fun. I'm sure it will be nice to sit in with your baby too :)